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How Franchises are Innovating by Going Green

When business is constantly competitive (and it generally is), corporate and marketers alike look for ways to get ahead. That often means getting into trends and gimmicks – whether or not they’re relevant to the company. Those who can successfully bridge those gaps are more likely to profit in big ways.

One of the largest and longest-lasting trends – on all markets – remains that of sustainability. Those of all areas of expertise, who make all types of products, who offer all types of services are jumping on board. Not only because it helps their image, but because it helps their bottom line. Companies who have “gone green” are more likely to gain sales on sustainable products. Yes, consumers love that type of stuff. But it also comes with tax breaks and incentives. Those who recycle can earn money back (often in cash), or even reuse their own products. And those who enlist methods that are fund-saving – and green – don’t have to pay as much in taxes. Sometimes in incredible amounts.

When looking at all of the components, why wouldn’t anyone “go green?” It’s better for the environment, it’s better for sales, and it saves money – whether in resources or what’s owed to Uncle Sam.

Franchises Everywhere Have Incorporated Methods Like:

Reusing Goods

Cardboard, metals, etc. can all be repurposed. Those who are large enough have the machinery to break down and re-work substances themselves. Others take scraps to the local recycling plant and earn themselves cash back (which doesn’t have to be reported in small amounts).

Buying Recycled Materials

Wholesalers offer all types of products that have been “upcycled.” Depending on the make, it can come with a sweet deal. Though all come with a tax write-off.

Making Reusable Items

Perhaps the largest showing of reusable goods is coffee mugs – which host logos and can then be refilled at a discount. (Free advertising – that the customer paid you for – as another perk!) Reusable shopping bags are also popping up across the board.

More Environmentally-Friendly Plastics

Plastic is used for virtually everything. To save Mother Nature (and goods), companies have recently started with thinner plastic bags, less packaging, and more. A move that’s cheaper and helps cut down one’s overhead fees. Win-win.

Less Marketing Materials

Flyers, newspaper ads, etc. are becoming a thing of the past. Instead, companies are using online methods, such as social media or blogs to get the word out about their respective brands.

Cutting Out Dangers

As research advances, we’re learning more and more about chemicals put into everyday items. For instance, plastic bottles, food additives, etc. And whether it’s additives that cause eating or health-related issues, the educated consumer wants nothing to do with them. By cutting out said substances, companies are creating marketing gold, while still pleasing their shoppers. Another win-win.

Listening to consumers, and the public as a whole, is always a good lesson to better get in touch with your target market. On a broad scale, however, it doesn’t always hurt to follow the crowd – like going green – especially when there are so many benefits. Instead, look at the pros and cons, and find a way to make the pros work in the most efficient, most targeted way possible.

By Jason Hightower | Sep 11, 2015 | General Franchise Information