Free Business Tools to Take Advantage of From Your Franchising Brand

free business tools

Free Business Tools to Take Advantage of From Your Franchising Brand
There's a reason that people that franchise. They want to branch out with businesses that work. To start up new locations of peoples' favorite things. A name (and logo) that customers recognize, along with a successful plan, then lead into further levels of success. In more places and by more people. The other option for starting your own business, however, means starting from scratch. Numbers, marketing, telling people you exist, and so on – all of which has to be done by you, and through finding a model that works. This way around, the odds don't sound nearly as good, right?
Hence the popularity of franchising. It's taking a business that works, and incorporating a proven and efficient way to replicate that same success. And adding the ability to be one's own boss. In fact, that's a corporation's entire job, creating business growth. To determine how and where to expand, in monetary value as well as location and reach.
Better yet, franchisees have access to that same expertise. All of which are available tools to be used to your advantage, of course. However, these are our top picks. As outlined by level of value, along with feedback from franchisees with years in the business.
Marketing Plans and Tips – Let's face it, marketing just isn't everyone's forte. But there's nothing wrong with that! Look to see what programs your franchise company has put into place, and what changes are specific to your size or market. They've taken the time to do the legwork, so take advantage of what they're offering.
Efficiency – Your way might be different, but chances are that doesn't mean it's better. Especially when you're new to the brand. Read up on literature outlining steps to each procedure, and implement those same pointers into everyday work. Changes can take place later on, but up front, it's best to listen to the pros.
Business Model – Percentages, fees, dollars and other numbers – all of these should be followed to a T. If the company says you need to spend so much money on each section, it's likely for a reason.
Standards – This perk is actually more of an obligation. Branches that fail to follow certain guidelines can actually get themselves in trouble. Rather than incurring a fine (or worse), stay up-to-date on everything that's required of each location.
Management – Whether pertaining to you or an employee, management style is something that can be honed over time. But with the help of a franchise, it can be adjusted on a larger scale. Look into books, online courses, or just everyday tips that are available from corporate – all of which can help make your business better.
Continuing Education – Of course your everyday job is very much a form of continuing education. But when courses are available – oftentimes for free – why not see what you can gain? Especially when covering an aspect of work you will deal with less frequently.
Individualized Coaching – Maybe some of the above works for you as-is, maybe you want to adjust, but aren't sure how a change might trickle down. Or maybe you have a specific question that isn't covered by corporate pamphlets, just ask! Most franchises will provide regional managers, so you can take to the same person each time you check in. While gaining coaching that is directly applicable to your business.

By Jason Hightower | Dec 21, 2015 | General Franchise Information