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Franchise Tips as Told by These 7 Common Mottos
Business is a lesson that never ends. As you grow older, the more lessons you will learn. In fact, about the time one is ready to retire is when they finally say they know something – that’s a common saying of business owners and franchisees alike. It doesn’t mean you don’t know anything until then, only that it’s an ongoing journey.
Getting tips from others and knowing how to better take on new skills, however, are a great way to learn along the way. One such area you can pull from is the mottos of other brands. Recognizable and to the point, they point a clear picture of what it means to grow as a business owner, and how to keep customers happy while you’re at it. (Which is arguably the absolute most important part.)
Take note of these common mottos, as well as you can use them to help your own business grow.
1. Have it Your Way
Do you hear the jingle just reading this phrase? The popular Burger King mantra was used in their marketing efforts for years. But just because it’s no longer their jingle of choice doesn’t mean the principles don’t still apply. Having it your way encourages franchisees to adjust to customer wants and needs. Don’t get too stuck in your ways and remember to stay open to custom orders (food or not), and to stay adaptable to others’ requests. This will add incredible value to your business, and help spread word of mouth that what you have to offer.
2. The Power of Dreams
This might have sold Honda a pretty number of cars, but it’s also a fair way to approach your franchise. After all, it’s your dream to become a business owner … and that’s a pretty powerful thing. It’s fueled you to research companies, find out more about entrepreneurism, and more. Don’t overlook this powerful setting – let it guide you to new heights!
3. Because I’m Worth It
You ARE worth it! And you don’t need a shampoo brand like L’Oreal to tell you so, either. You deserve your own successful brand, and your own company that’s thriving. All the hard work and time you’re putting in, it will pay off (and then some) in the end – and even toward the beginning. But in the meantime, don’t forget that everything you’re doing is for a cause – and you are more than worth that very cause.
4. Ideas for Life
Ideas can come and go, but the good ones stick. Just ask Panasonic about this motto they started years back. Whether you’re referencing your own ideas, or ones that others have put into place, the best of them will stick around for the long haul. Don’t be afraid to pick something up just because it seems dated, and in the same light, you can always try out something new. It’s the balance of each of these ideas – the best ones – that will help you to become as successful as possible.
5. Think Small
Thanks to Volkswagen, we’ve been considering the tinier side(s) of business for years. While you shouldn’t be afraid to aim big in the long run, know that it’s small steps that can get you there. Take on manageable projects one at a time and get them mastered for an outcome that’s successful, but didn’t take risky steps in order to get there.
6. Just Do It.
Perhaps one of the most recognizable mottos of all time is Nike’s boost of confidence. When it doubt, when wondering what should come next, they say go for it. And when you stop and think, really it’s not a bad route, either. Maybe add a bit of caution to their famous advice, but it still holds plenty of helpful tips – when in doubt, stop wondering and go for it already!
7. Quality Never Goes Out of Style
No, it sure doesn’t. As told by blue jean company, Levi’s, we’re reminded that folks want good quality in life. In their products, and in their customer service. Remember this fact at all times, especially when training your employees. There might be competition on every block, but if you have the best quality, folks will keep coming back time and time again. Don’t skimp out on how you treat those very customers – or on what you have to offer.
Bonus! 8. Challenge Everything
If you’re into video games (or TV shows that play commercials for video games), it’s likely that you’re familiar with this EA slogan. And while it might sound counterproductive, it’s actually a good way to go – question why your brand does what it does, why it’s set up a certain way, and anything else you might be curious about along the way. It doesn’t mean be rude or controversial, but asking (and listening to heartfelt answers) can help you learn a great deal about your company and why it functions.
You can gain inspiration from all over – including other brands’ slogans. Keep these recognizable thoughts in mind for a better way to tune your brand when starting your upcoming franchise.

By Bethaney Wallace | Jan 24, 2018 | General Franchise Information