Franchise Industries Entering Their Busy Season for Summer

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Franchise Industries Entering Their Busy Season for Summer
As we gear up for summer trips and outdoor activities that are made possible with warm weather, it's time to look at what those same changes might mean for your professional life. Depending on your job (or future franchise) it could mean that you're about to get very busy … if that rush hasn't happened already. Or, if you're leaning toward an industry that actually slows down in the summer, you can look at alternative ways to drum up new business.
Knowing your franchise's style for each time of year can allow you to prepare, plan, and of course, combat dramatic effects. For instance, creating sales or ensuring enough employees are on hand at all times.
You might even have a preference to stay busy throughout the summer; this can help you narrow down your industry of choice, opting for those that are just entering the busiest time of year.
Take a look at these summer-busy brands when choosing your upcoming franchising gig. It's a great way to mentally prep, and help determine your best career yet.
Outdoor Recreation
No surprise here, right? Franchises that offer outdoor fun are most definitely hitting their busy season. In fact, they've likely been in it for some time. (Starting with spring break and now well into summer vacations.) Companies with water slides, bouncy houses, hiking tours, bike rentals, and more, are all hitting their stride. Luckily, these franchises can also hire on seasonal employees (like college students) to help staff these moneymaking seasons.
Child Care
Summer breaks also means that kids are out of school for months at a time. Franchises that offer babysitting, daycare services, or event day camps are likely to see a spike in business this time of year. Alternatively, businesses that cater to after school ages will be busier during the day, too. It's also a change to make note of when working in any industry that deals with kids. Do you perform oil changes? Might want to stock up on coloring pages.  If you fix computers, note that younger kids will likely be in your shop this time of year, and so on.
Restaurants will likely develop their own patter based on demographics, but they're also more likely to see busy days during the summer. With folks on trips and time off work, customers are more likely to eat out for lunch. Warm weather and longer bouts of daylight will also encourage even local customers to eat out more often … or to grab a quick bite before evening plans.
Repair and Maintenance
Considering people will be traveling and driving more, it's safe to say that their equipment will be in need of maintenance, too. This is true of boats and other water equipment, recreational pieces, and fair-weather vehicles (think motorcycles, convertibles, etc.) Simply from being used, such equipment will need various repairs, as well as scheduled services. If this is your future industry of choice, be prepped to ramp up your days throughout the summer.
Outdoor Gear and Sports
As soon as the weather starts getting nicer, your outdoor or sports brand is likely to hit the ground running. Customers have been waiting for a heat up just so they can get out and have fun, and you're likely to see this continue right up until Mother Nature cools back off. This is true of anyone selling camping gear, outdoor equipment, as well as sports related items. Take each day in stride and enjoy the boost in sales from local shoppers and travelers alike.
Travel-Based Brands
If you book vacations, you will actually see your sales spike long before summer ever gets here. Folks will be eager to start planning their summer trips, and you're their first stop in summertime happiness planning.
However, if your business is largely based off visitors, that boost won't come until the trip actually takes place. (That is, unless you book online or have reservation dates.) In either scenario, plan accordingly and market to your demographic as much as possible. You know business will come and go in these industries, so take it in as much as possible while busy.
Finally, franchises in the security sector will see an uptick in business. With folks gone or out and about, who doesn't want to know their home or business is safe while they're gone? Such brands are likely to bring in more customers and see service add-ons all summer long.
Bonus: you can work longer hours with an increase in daylight!
There are many franchise industries that see higher workloads throughout the summer. Look into these industries for possible brand fits, and plan for more success this time of year.

By Bethaney Wallace | May 31, 2018 | General Franchise Information