Common Personality Traits Among Franchisees

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Common Personality Traits Among Franchisees
It has long-since been said that certain personality types strive toward specific goals. For instance, those who are good with numbers and enjoy complete resolutions might be more suited to manage books. Meanwhile, creative types are great in coming up with ideas and finding new trends, and so on.
With different strength come a varied type of career.
There are also certain personalities who succeed at taking chances, maintaining calm during chaos, and creating a career that helps their business strive. Meanwhile, there are those who need set hours and for things to fall into place. Opposite people for opposite jobs.
There is, of course, no right or wrong answer. There is no "way to be" for each career. But that doesn't mean every job is a mix-and-mold; it means that, depending on your strengths and preferences, you will be more likely to succeed in certain fields.
In Franchising:
When owning a business, there are many skills that will help you on the road to success. Aside from those that simply come with common sense (the ability to make decisions, good people skills, etc.), there are those that have research backed behind them. Actual data has shown that folks generally host these types of ideals as a business owner, and that they are more likely to help them succeed. Meanwhile, those who host X, Y, and Z are more likely to start businesses, join franchisees, and hold successful lifelong careers within entrepreneurism.
What Skills? 
Even if you start as a one-man operation, the ability to lead will help you in business. You will readily use leadership skills as an entrepreneur. You will lead your financial consultants, your confidants, and of course, your business – all into the arms of success. Leaders are great at helping others achieve a common goal, but they are also hard working and have a great understanding of what needs to be done, and when.
In all areas of the brand, they are willing to take on tasks, big or small. And of course, once a location grows big enough to need a team of employees, a leader is there to put everyone on the same forward path.
Another important and common trait of franchisees is the ability to keep things organized. From paying bills, to following training schedules, to keeping up with daily tasks, the organized owner is one who maintains. This helps ensure growth because tasks are done on time, and necessary steps are actually taken. Rather than having to backtrack and waste resources on following up.
How organized a space is will also show through to customers, leaving them more apt to frequent a clean and well-run joint over one that's barely holding it together.
The Ability to Delegate
You can't do it all, you just can't. But that's not a bad thing, it's expected. What turns that aspect into a make or break moment, however, is how efficiently leftover tasks are handed out and completed. Because, just assigning a job doesn't mean it will be done and done well – no one else is as invested in your franchise as you are. That means it's your job to follow up to see that all tasks have been completed (and completed well) by their given timeline.
Confidence and/or Perseverance
Before getting started, you need the confidence to know that you can run a company. Business owners are regularly confident. They know they have what it takes – or can find what they need. That doesn't mean there is zero doubt, in fact, there's probably a good amount of it. But there is also the understanding that you can take whatever comes your way.
In that same light, business owners are known for their perseverance. They get back up again and they get back at it. Always. Negative thinking doesn’t get in the way, instead, setbacks are a way to take a break and find another solution to get things done. Then the entire experience is chalked up to a lesson learned.
Creative Thinking
What's the best way to get something done? Is it a traditional setting, in the same way that everyone else does it? Or could there be a more original approach? One that could net even better results? Franchisees look at all options, all factors, and all possibilities.
They do not accept, "This is how it's always been done" as a viable answer. And instead, they look at how things can be made better. Should something go wrong, see above. But when it goes right, there are only rewards to be had.
Do you possess these traits? Are you wondering if you have "what it takes" to own your own business? Look to the above for common franchising abilities. Then consider your will and want to show you have more than enough skills to achieve your franchising dream.

By Bethaney Wallace | Mar 19, 2018 | General Franchise Information