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Are You Missing These Important Business Savvy Skills?
When setting out to start or expand your franchise, there are several obvious skills you have in mind. For instance, business smarts, the ability to look at and understand numbers, marketing efforts, and so on. You might even look at your connections or ability to turn a difficult situation to working in your favor. These and many more abilities all come to mind when looking toward professional success.
However, there’s far more to running a business than knowhow or understanding what to do in a certain situation. In fact, there are abilities engrained into us at birth that can help lead to our professional success. Take a look at these natural bits of savvy-ness, as well as little-known abilities – all of which can help your franchise thrive.
If you don’t already hold one or more of these skills, start learning them today!
The Smooth Talker
Do you have good people skills? Can you talk your way out of any situation? Can you strike up a conversation with a perfect stranger and talk for hours without pause? This is a skill many are born with, but it’s also one that evades a great deal of the population. If you’re a people person, great, this will serve you and your franchise well. And if not, don’t worry, the more you do it, the better you get.
In any case, the ability to seamlessly talk with folks can get you far in the professional world. It can help you settle disputes, talk your way out of disagreements, and most importantly, save face when an event is on the verge of making you and your business look bad.
Recognizing a Problem
Can you tell when something isn’t quite right? Or do things come crashing down before you are aware anything has been awry? The former are able to detect and fix problems much sooner within their businesses. Not to mention, helping save money and hours of stress in the process.
If noticing the small things has never been your forte, consider making detailed notes and keeping a close eye on, well, everything, until you get a feel for your upcoming business. The longer you’ve been in business, the easier it will be to recognize what’s amiss – even in the beginning stages.
Finding the Right Market
If you know who your customers are and when they’re most likely to use your service, you’re ahead of the majority of your competitors. Some franchisees have this uncanny ability to sell – they know who needs them and when they need them most. As for those who are hunting and tracking data on a regular basis, this isn’t a bad tactic, either (in fact, it’s great that you’re looking to better understand), it simply takes a bit longer. Don’t worry, you’ll become more savvy as you go, and as your business grows! The more you sell, the better you’ll understand who’s buying and why.
Remembering Your Customers
We don’t mean simply remembering them, of course, but remembering personal details. Are you good with the small stuff? In any situation there are people who hear details and let them fly out of their head just as soon as they’ve entered. Then there are those who remember what flavor of cake was served at Sally Miller’s grandpa’s birthday party from eight years ago. Which type of franchisee are you?
While it’s not necessary to remember every detail, it can help you gain some serious ground. Strive to pay attention to the mundane for a way to relate to others personally. It will show you care (and that you’re listening) in every scenario. If it helps, log a memory that will help trigger your brain, such as personal events or a mnemonic device.
There are many lesser-known, yet extremely important, skills that can make you more successful as a franchisee. Check the above to see what you possess, and what abilities might need improvement.

By Bethaney Wallace | Jul 31, 2018 | General Franchise Information