9 Things Successful Brands do Through the Holidays

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9 Things Successful Brands do Through the Holidays
It's the most wonderful time of the year, and for franchising companies of all industries that means following through with annual traditions. Fare, services, and more that customers look forward to all year long. It means an incentive for customers to buy (when things come with a limited run, sales are naturally inclined to increase), which will lead to higher sales in a given period of time.
Over the years, brands learn what works and what their customers want. McDonald's does this with limited-edition foods and seasonal desserts. The same is true of Starbucks, Chic-fil-A, and more. Fare that's short lived is a reason for customers to get excited, and it's additional income for the brand itself. Meanwhile, service-based industries offer specials and sales through a given time, and retail stores come up with gift baskets or packages that can easily be given out as presents.
Successful brands have honed these holiday promotions to a T and continue on with traditions like:
1. Releasing Holiday Flavors
As mentioned above, holiday flavors are a huge seller throughout winter months. From items that are basted in peppermint, to those that hold eggnog hints, and more, restaurants are increasing their sales with these themed beverages and desserts. Meanwhile, brick and mortar stores are more likely to offer apple ciders, teas, or coffees to their customers as a wintertime event.
2. Hiring on Extra Employees
Stores who know they're more likely to be busy often hire on seasonal help. This means faster checkout lines, better customer service, and a pleasant overall experience for those coming into a store. And with locations more apt to stay open for longer (or open earlier) to accommodate holiday shopping, this means less responsibility for the regular work staff.
3. Creating Specials and Sales
Free hams! Packs of cocoa! Holiday discounts! Franchises of all industries put together seasonal packages for their shoppers. This might mean a bonus or incentive to shop, or a complete package that was created just for the holiday months. These additions are a great way to bring in new and repeat customers alike.
4. Promoting Extra Hype
Even if a brand doesn't drum up any promotions for the holidays, they're far more likely to advertise toward the end of the year. Through social media, online, and print or TV media outlets, franchise locations let customers know what they have to fill their shopping or service needs.
5. Stocking Seasonal Fare
From clothing, to foods, to glittered vehicle supplies, businesses will line their shelves with holiday-related items. These goodies are more likely to sell (stats prove that shoppers of all preferences spend more November to January) due to timeline, and with a theme. After all, much like with the foods of the season, consumers know it won't be available for long and are more apt to buy.
6. Free Item Events
With the season of giving, brands often provide free items with purchase. Many times this is marketed as pieces that can be given away to a family member or friend. Of course, prices are adjusted to companies still make money, but these BOGOs are a colorful way to drum up business, especially within the season of giving.
7. Charity Events
Another holiday norm is for franchising brands to give back to the community. This is most likely done through cash donations, collecting toys or household goods, or even sign-up charts where people can "adopt" kids or families for the holidays by buying them gifts and necessities, like clothes and groceries. Annual charities become known with each brand and can continue to expand by the year.
8. Planning for Success
With stats that suggest frequent shopping and an increase in sales, brands must plan accordingly. Aside from a larger staff for holiday months, they must create more inventory, quick turnaround times for services, seasonal work schedules, and more. Planning for these changes months in advance helps franchises of all sizes make their way toward success.
9. Getting Cheerful!
Finally, businesses know the holiday season is all about cheer. They ensure their customer service is friendly and forthcoming with information. They provide candy canes or colorful ribbons as décor, they post signs for local celebration events, and other festive additions. Just with a few simple steps, brands can share their holiday spirit and create an environment of cheeriness all season long.
With your franchising brand, there are plenty of holiday trends that can help your business grow. Look to these proven steps to help increase your business and run smoothly throughout this busy time. 

By Bethaney Wallace | Dec 07, 2017 | General Franchise Information