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When’s the last time you gave yourself a pep talk? Like a real, legit, uplifting, looking in the mirror smiling and head-nodding pep talk? You know, the kind you see in movies, where someone is inevitably caught and embarrassed for their behavior. For being too enthusiastic when someone caught them in the act.

That’s the exact kind of pep talk we need to be giving ourselves on the regular! Why? Because as franchisees (or upcoming franchisees) we have so much to offer! We are truly gifted and talented individuals, and it’s unfair that other people realize this every day when we ourselves overlook the very basic facts!

So stop avoiding the credit already and remember to perk yourself up on a regular basis. Not only is it necessary and a great confidence boost, it’s a way to point out as to why you’re a highly qualified business owner. And why you should be giving yourself props every step of the way. With facts on our side, we’re more apt to believe it!

Remember you’re more than qualified to open your next franchise location, here’s why:

1. You Want This

Why else would you be researching business ownership, after all? It’s the want, the need to start and run your own business location. It’s a goal that many have, yet few actually achieve. The pure fact of you wanting to become a franchisee will give you a head start in this growing field. Don’t discount your love of the business, it will get you far professionally and allow you the strength to succeed.

In another light, franchisees with little drive behind them are far more likely to throw in the towel, especially once something becomes difficult.

2. You Have a Successful Career Behind You

No matter what your professional past might be, it allowed you years of growth and rising through the ranks. Look at your past years as an employee and look to how that career advanced you as a person and a professional. Skills are transferrable, but so is your ability to find and maintain insight from career changes. Meanwhile, you learned company hierarchy, brand loyalty, and more – use these past experiences as a new business owner and you’ll hit the ground running from day one.

3. You Have the Help of Your Franchising Brand

You don’t have to approach any part of your business alone. You’ll have your franchising brand with you the entire time. Lean on them for their expertise, their knowhow, and their insight to the brand itself. Who better than to show you how to run the brand than those who have been working with it for years? It’s a no brainer! Remember your franchising industry is there beside you through it all and will help coach, no matter what might come your way.

4. You Have Specialized Skills

Your professional background and personal skills will get you far in life. As a franchisee, they’ll get you even further. You can put all of your best abilities to work in a way that allows you to create success. No waiting on a boss to determine how you can grow or where your best efforts will be – you know what you can do and how you can best succeed, all you have to do is put yourself to work!

Get those abilities to cracking and your business will benefit in the process.

5. Your Location Has a Market for Your Brand

This is one of the key factors franchising brands look for before opening a business: is there a market? If not, the location simply won’t be eligible for franchisees. Therefore, just by being available for your brand, you know there is a thriving market for your franchise location. Take comfort in this fact and know the business is there. All you have to do is run a tight ship and give folks a reason to return and you can find their business over and over again.

6. You’re Ready to be a Leader

This is a key sign of a franchisee. Wanting to be a leader is certainly a personality trait, and those who want to take on new business ventures have this trait embedded within them. They want to help workers learn and grow. They want to teach new skills, to allow all involved to work as a team toward a common goal, and to create an ideal outcome. By leading successfully, yourself and employees can strive for a higher professional quality that improves by the week.

7. Success is Fulfilling … and Contagious

It’s true. Once you get your first glimpse of glory, you’ll want more and more. It’s a feeling that allows you to be proud of a job well done. Your job growth will stack over time, and the more often you find success, the more frequently you can build upon that same momentum and push your franchise location to even higher heights.

Trust us, once you catch that first bite of fulfillment, it’ll keep driving you forward!

8. Nothing is Holding you Back

Seriously – with a franchising company that’s on your side, a growing support system, and personal goals that are on the rise, what could be standing in your way? Nothing! Besides, if any obstacles do arise, you’re able to cut them down with ease. Your newfound skills and professional momentum will keep you going, effectively eliminating anything that might slow or hinder your franchising progress.

9. The Sky is the Limit

Have you considered where you want your franchise to be? Growth is essentially unlimited. In fact, you can open more locations and grow them to be just as big. As a business owner, there is no limit to how much you can earn, how many locations you can start (or sell), and therefore, you can keep on moving up in the business world. Set your own goals and keep reaching them every single year!

As a franchisee, you have much to look forward to. Don’t overlook your key qualifications in the process, and instead remember that you can readily find success with your growing brand.

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Posted on Wednesday June 12, 2019 by Staff to General Franchise Information