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9 Old School Lessons We Still Use in Franchising Today
Sometimes, when it’s not broken, it’s best not to fix it. That’s a motto that saves time and energy in all types of work situations. However, rather than just being something to avoid, why not also use that motto as something to return to? When steps have been proven to work, we can always use them as a solid example of something we strive to reach. Whether it’s something that was implemented a few months ago, or years and years ago, these old school methods have proven their value time and time again. In fact, we might even wonder why we did away with them in the first place.
Consider taking on this same mantra with your franchise and opting for implementing what works. Such as:
1. Killin ’em with Kindness
Sounds like a cliché, right? So does, “You get more flies with honey,” and virtually any other sweetness overload with the same message. The point is, however, it doesn’t matter how right you might be, you have to be kind to your customers, and to those you’re working with in business. Failing to do so could leave you with a bad reputation, and without those who are willing to work on your team.
2. A Penny Saved is a Penny Earned
Why make more money when you can just not spend some in the first place? While it’s always a goal to grow your business and your income, that shouldn’t come at the expense of willy nilly spending. Cut down overhead from day one and keep your bills trim to save as much business money as possible.
3. It is What it is
Yeah, really. Some days will be stressful, and that’s ok. But rather than putting too much stock into what could or might have been, it’s important to look at the status quo, and adjust from there. No amount of, “This could have happened instead” will change the past.
4. Seeing/Not Seeing the Forest for the Trees
A forest is made up of trees; there’s no doubt about that. Yet sometimes we forget the most simple of facts … or focus too hard on those facts instead of going big picture. Instead of spending all your time on one or the other, be sure to have a good balance of what’s taking place, what’s contributing to those facts, and so on. Keeping your eye on all areas of business will help you have the best understanding of what’s going on under the surface.
5. Push the Envelope
Just a little, anyway. When you’re able to find success in your franchise, of course you want to stay within the recommended (and legally binding) guidelines. But there’s always a little big of wiggle room, right? See what needs adjusted, or rather, what you could adjust, and push your edges out … even if it’s just a little bit.
6. Think Outside of the Box
You can’t be the first person to have a new idea, but you also don’t have to follow exactly what everyone else is doing, either. Consider implementing an original idea or testing something out in order to find a new solution to what may or may not be an old problem.
7. You’re Only as Strong as Your Weakest Player
When it comes to employees, this is absolutely true. You should ensure that all parties are involved and that their skills are up to your standards. Failing to do so can cause the entire business to suffer, especially in terms of customer service, which is often your most important area of business.
8. The Customer is Always Right
We definitely know this isn’t true – customers are very often wrong. But that doesn’t mean you tell them (or your employees) that fact. If you at least treat the customer like they are always right, you can work to save face and up your business value in the process.
9. Let’s Circle Back
Face it, sometimes you don’t have all of the information you need in order to get something done right then and there. (At least, on the level that you’d like it to be done.) So long as you don’t have a long history of putting things off or avoiding them, circling back to when you can obtain more info is always a good idea, and can often leave you with a better overall outcome.

By Bethaney Wallace | Oct 26, 2016 | General Franchise Information