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9 Books to Read Before Starting a Business

Knowledge is power. That’s a common saying that reminds us knowing more can help get us further in life, especially when it comes to your professional ventures. The more you know, the more you can grow.

The way you obtain more knowledge, however, can be done in any number of ways, from learning the hard way, to talking with others, to actually sitting down and studying. Learning from reading certainly isn’t a new concept, and it’s one that has decades of proof behind it, but it’s one that many overlook after they’re finished school.

Continuing that same practice, however, is a great way to better inform yourself. To grow your skills as a business owner, to keep improving your brand every single day. Even if you’re not “a big reader” you can listen and tune in during your commute, while doing chores, and more. 

Get the most out of your time by learning better business skills from these skilled writers and their titles, including.

1. How to Win Friends and Influence People

Whether starting friendships or expanding a business, a good set of people skills can get you far in life. This book by Dale Carnegie has been a long-time favorite for a reason. Take it in to learn about perceptions, how to best interact with others, and more. It’s also a great source for any self-starter whose looking to gain some ground professionally and finally get past their own misconceptions. This text will help show you the way, and it will help give you the confidence to get out of your own head.

2. Good to Great

There’s nothing wrong with being good, but what if you could be great instead? Jim Collins, in his book, shares how companies improve themselves into greatness. Not only does he share mindsets of profitable and positive growth, but standardized practices, logistics, and more. This is an ideal read for anyone wanting to take their business to the next step and make it above and beyond as a professional entity.

3. The Power of Positive Thinking

Just how far can you get in life with a good attitude? Dr. Norman Vincent Peale will share the possibilities from having a better outlook on life. In his book he talks about how you can change your outcome for the better, just by approaching life a little differently, or rather, more happily. Learn how to think positively and how that move can help your everyday life and your business with this beneficial read.

4. Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff

When starting out, it can be difficult not to take even the slightest of blows personally. Over time, you’ll learn to let the small things go, you’ll also learn what constitutes as the “small stuff” in the first place. With Richard Carlson’s book, you can do the same on a fast track, also while learning what you should and shouldn’t get your energy. Take in his advice for a better outlook on starting up and moving forward.

5. The Hard Thing About Hard Things

Building a business is difficult, Ben Horowitz makes no bones about that fact in his informative title. But he also sees that as a pro. Knowing that hard work ahead is the biggest battle, then you simply have to get the work done. Read his words for a good dose of reality, while learning how to be successful by tackling the difficult head-on.

6. The Greatest Salesman in the World

Even if sales isn’t your thing, it’s about to be. Owning a business of any kind requires you to talk up your brand, to get to know customers, and essentially to sell yourself as a franchisee. Looking over Og Mandino’s words is a great way to learn the science of getting out of your own head and understanding why you, as an entrepreneur, have value in your brand. And most importantly, how to spread that value for the good.

7. Business Adventures

What better way to learn from others than to read what they went through while starting out? In John Brooks’s book, he shares the past of 12 businesses for real-life lessons about starting and opening a franchise, how to grow your brand once it’s established, and more. It offers a rare learning tool by hearing from those who have been there first, not just hypothetical situations that may or may not have played out. Read the real deal!

8. Awaken the Giant Within

Whether or not you realize it, you have a giant of potential and growth just waiting inside of you. It’s a massive mountain of success that’s waiting to explode with profits and fulfillment. Of course, to best take advantage of said giant, you first have to wake him up. Let Anthony Robbins show you how in this captivating and wildly motivating book.

9. Smarter Faster Better

Who doesn’t want to be all of the above? That’s exactly what Charles Duhigg’s book will help you do – become smarter, faster, and better within your professional and personal lives. His informative text outlines the basics of bettering yourself so that you can better what surrounds you, too. Take in this captivating read for a way to excite the growth power within and help it bring you and your franchise to the next level.

Learn to grow your business with better professional skills and a motivated mindset with these top-reviewed books.

By Jason Hightower | Dec 31, 2018 | General Franchise Information