8 Times to Step Away From Your "Comfortable" Job and Start a Franchise

bored at work

Life gets comfortable, usually without us even realizing it. We settle in to work, to our home life, to a regular routine where you're driving to and from work, maybe stopping for a coffee – at your favorite spot, of course. You know when to change lanes, times of the day to avoid busy roads, and more. You know what to expect with work, with your personal life, with your friends and family – it's the daily norm. And it's … comfortable.

There's nothing wrong with this, comfortable is good! However, it's the times when isn't not so good that it's best to step away. For instance, when you are no longer happy with your job, or that you simply wish you could be doing more. It's ok to step outside of that comfort zone, and in fact, when it's what will suit you best, it's encouraged.

1. You're Bored

If you're bored and unfulfilled at work, chances are that it's time to try something different. No one wants to deal with the exact same challenges day after day and year after year. If this is you and you feel like you're in a rut, consider a franchising career to branch out and challenge yourself professionally.

2. You're Ready for a Change

Even if you're not bored, sometimes you can feel ready to try something new. It's that itch to branch out and expand your skills – we've all felt it. This is another indication that it's a good idea to step out and into a new job path. Ask yourself if you enjoy your work, or whether you'd be rather doing something else. If you feel that ongoing need to franchise, it's a good idea to at least look into business ownership as your next move.

3. You Only Have Fear Stopping You

If you're ready to step out and into a new job in every way except one – the fear that's holding you back – it's time to slap that fear right in the face. (Or maybe something slightly less aggressive.) Tell it to go away and that you're more than ready to start your life as a franchisee. Don't let miniscule or even nonexistent problems stop you from what you've always wanted to do in life.

4. A Good Opportunity Comes Your Way

Whether or not you were looking for a franchising opportunity, when one comes along, there's no time to hold back. Go for it! Take this chance by the horns and run with it, full-force. Great franchising opportunities don't often fall in your lap (usually we have to go looking for them instead), so if and when they do, don't take the decision to pass lightly. This might have been the very change you've been waiting for after all.

5. Work Just Isn't Cutting it Anymore

If, for whatever reason, your current job is missing something, it's time to think about making franchising as your next job. Maybe you aren't making enough funds. Perhaps you need different insurance, better hours, more flexibility, or just a different set of tasks to deal with every day. Whatever your wants are, you can adjust your franchise career to fit your needs and to make you happy day in, and day out. Don't overlook just how much flexibility can come from owning (and running!) your own business location.

6. You Have the Support of Those Around You

This is another situation that isn't easily found. It's not every day that you get all your people on the same page. Be sure to capitalize on it whenever available. There are so many folks who are out seeking feedback, funds, and more from those who are close to them, so if you have it before you're even in the franchising process, take full advantage! Gather their advice and head into your next career move with franchising.

7. You're Only Staying for the Benefits

This is a common excuse among those who wish to own their own business: that they can't leave their current job because it comes with benefits. If this is the only reason you're staying put, however, chances are that you don't exactly love your job. You're just there because you have to be. By-step this holdup and find a way to make your franchise dreams a reality instead. Yes, you still have to ensure yourself and your family is taken care of, but there are plenty of alternatives. Find one that works so you can have the dream job you've always wanted.

8. You Want to Franchise

Of course this is the biggest reason of them all! If you are willing, able, and wanting to become a franchisee, it should become your next priority. You'll never have more passion for a job than the one you currently want. Put that passion to good use and let it push you forward into franchising success.

By Bethaney Wallace | Apr 26, 2019 | General Franchise Information