8 Quirky Things These Famous Brands are Known For

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8 Quirky Things These Famous Brands are Known For
When you're an established brand, you're able to create a reputation for yourself. One where folks know what you do and just how well you do it. It's a status that most brands work for years to achieve, but once they find it, it's their "thing," and people come from miles away just to see and experience what these companies are all about.
Take a look at these famous establishments and the unique services they're known for. Not only are these identifiers a great way to draw in and keep customers coming back time and again, these fun traits help make companies who they are today. It's what they're known and loved for, such as:
1. Dairy Queen's Blizzard Flip
They flip the cup upside down and show you just how thick those blizzards have been mixed – anyone who has eaten a blizzard has likely seen this trick in action. It's a simple move, yet intriguing to those of all ages, and now, a Dairy Queen staple.  If you've ever seen a kid get a blizzard, they're mesmerized; ice cream so thick it can sit upside down without falling. So simple to do, and yet brand defining.
2. L.L. Bean's Return Anything Policy
Did you know that L.L. Bean accepts returns of all products, no matter how old or in what condition? Their policy is for customers to be "100% satisfied," while allowing the customers themselves to decide what it means to be satisfied. There is even a special vetting process for which employees will work the return counter so as to not show judgment or opinion toward unusual returns, whether that be 20-year old shoes or a rain coat that's been shredded to pieces.
3. Snapple Facts
Since 2002 the tea company has been known for spreading bit of wisdom to its thirsty customers. Though some of their facts have recently been called into question, Snapple remains strong in informing and entertaining their customers every time they buy. Folks on the fence about what drink to purchase can even be swayed with this extra bit of learning.
4. Peanuts on the Floor
There are actually multiple brands that follow this trend – usually steakhouses like Texas Roadhouse. It's an additional perk where customers can throw their shells right on the floor! Make a mess, they don't care! Rumor has it that walking on said shells are actually good for the floor, and while that remains to be proven, customers get a kick out of dropping their shells as they wait. It's a gimmick that helps cut wait time while providing free food.
5. Everything's $1
Sounds crazy, right? To sell everything for a single dollar? Yet it's how Dollar Tree has been raking in funds since their inception. It might seem impossible, but by getting their goods for cheap and/or portioning out items, they can place everything on their shelves for only a buck. Customers tend to spend more, too, knowing even if they are over-shopping, it's in extremely small amounts.
6. Coldstone's Mixing on a Stone 
It's how they got their name, and it's how they serve every single helping of their dairy dessert. Coldstone takes their famous ice cream and adds each customer's toppings of choice by mixing them on a frozen slab. It's a snack and a show! Customers come in for the product alone, but also to watch it all come together. The brand is also famous for its singing crew; tip them and they'll belt out a tune. Together, these quirky practices have brought the location hundreds of thousands of dollars in profit.
7. Krispy Kreme's Hot Donuts
There's no denying that donuts just taste better hot. But Krispy Kreme has taken this simple preference and built a brand off of it. Each location has a "hot" sign that they can use to alert customers when fresh desserts are coming out of the fryer. Visible and effective. Anyone who's a sucker for a fresh dessert can pull in after seeing the sign.
8. Fancy Gas Stations
Depending on where you're located, you might come across a Buc-ee's or a Wawa on your road trip. Both brands are regional and are redefining the way we look at gas stations. Aside from traditional fare, they offer healthy foods, constantly clean establishments, and customizable coffees. Kind of like a corner shop that offers fuel. Only better because they're a franchise and come with several locations. These gas station companies have managed to find a way around what's expected of them and create an entire new market: elite stops for travelers.

By Bethaney Wallace | Jun 21, 2018 | General Franchise Information