8 Podcasts That Will Up Your Entrepreneuring Skills

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8 Podcasts That Will Up Your Entrepreneuring Skills
Podcasts are the radio of the future, if not already radio of the now. If you haven't already jumped on the podcast bandwagon, they're audio programs that come in all shapes and sizes, and in all topics (think of them as books for your ears), you can gain access to shows about hobbies, real-life law enforcement, fiction, history, and more. Essentially, if it interests you, you can find it on podcast.
And if you're wondering what the big draw is – these programs can be listened to at any time (generally for free), without the need to be playing live on the radio. Podcasts can be downloaded to your smartphone or another audio device, or even streamed live via your computer.
This versatility also makes them a great tool for learning new business skills. Listen to them whenever you have time (in the shower, in the car – the possibilities are endless) and gain the absolute best use of your time possible.
To learn more on your quest to business ownership, check out these vetted and seriously educational podcasts, each which comes with its own vat of entrepreneurship inspiration.
1. How I Built This
Have you ever wondered how Honest Tea got its start? Or how Mark Cuban became a billionaire? Or how AOL got to be such a mainstream success? You can hear all of these stories (and many more) straight from the business owners themselves. Each episode features a different successful entrepreneur and covers their story – from start to finish, including failures and creative ideas along the way. You're likely to gain a great amount of facts – and get incredibly inspired – each time you tune in.
2. Entrepreneur on Fire
Otherwise known as EO Fire, this podcasts a similar setup to the above. The difference? There's a new episode every day of the week. While they feature varied levels of success, each of its stars has seen incredible growth. EO Fire also features lessons and tips for starting and/or maintaining your own business, offering some much needed guidance from those who have been there first.
3. Inside Franchising Podcast
Hear from successful franchise owners and leaders in different industries to gain insider knowledge with the Inside Franchising Podcast. Guests discuss an array of business topics, like models, support, training strategies, and more. It's a podcast that provides first-hand stories and tips on growing your brand. Its added focus on franchising creates an additional layer of learning for anyone signing on with a brand – whether it's their first or 100th location.
4. Unemployable Podcast
Tired of working for "the man"? Then this is the podcast for you. After 18 years of being his own boss, the show's host, Brian Clark (who has started eight successful businesses), gives advice on starting and maintaining companies. Without learning the hard way, and while reducing as much guesswork as possible. Complete with actionable strategies, listeners can gain tangible ideas to use in their franchise.
5. The Growth Show
As its name might suggest, this podcast is all about expanding a brand, an idea, or anything else related to one's work. They tackle various themes, while sticking to one major guideline: the subject matter has to be about business expansion. Listeners can gain info on areas like how Facebook designs for the masses, when might be the best time to switch careers, when to listen to your gut, and more. More technical areas are also covered, like digital marketing, marketing tactics, and tailoring your brand to your industry and local market.
6. Self Made Man
Sometimes, being successful in business isn't only about the business. It's also about the person running it. That's the theme of Self Made Man, a podcast that features guest hosts who talk about the importance of growing as a person and bettering yourself, as well as your company. A different theme – along with a different host – appears on each episode – for a well-rounded approach to personal/professional growth. Previous guest hosts include Tony Robbins, Mike Rowe, and Daymond John, from Shark Tank and the founder of FUBU.
7. Franchise Today Podcast
Disclaimer: this show has taken a hiatus, but comes with more than 200 shows that can be listened to on demand. It's also regarded as one of the most useful franchising podcasts to-date. It comes with exclusive interviews with industry leading franchisees, as well as tips and advice they have to pass down to newcomers in the business ownership world.
8. The $100 MBA
This show is released daily and features business tricks for every level of entrepreneurship. It aims to provide business strategy without the need for an "actual" MBA. Listeners can hear aspects of technology, marketing, business, and more in each of these 10-minute lessons. Best of all, they promise "no fluff" so users can get as much help as possible from these jam-packed episodes.
Podcasts can be a great way to gain professional education when starting a franchise. Check out these shows, and see what others you enjoy best, for an ongoing stream of information that will help you grow your business every time you tune in.

By Bethany Wallace | Jun 02, 2017 | General Franchise Information