8 Franchise Industries That Provide an Ongoing Market

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8 Franchise Industries That Provide an Ongoing Market
In the world of business, a consistent need for service is what keeps you profitable. As simple as that might sound, it's a hard and brutal fact of the professional world. A demand for your product and/or services means more work, and it means more money. That's also a big incentive to choose an industry that calls for plenty of business – a service that folks will need time and again, not something that's one and done, or worse, a novelty that they don't want. In that type of scenario, you're marketing constantly and explaining to folks why your company is fun and enticing.
Why put in all that extra effort that may or may not lead to increased sales? Instead, look toward industries that draw in a need, as well as a want. It's a simple choice that can set you up for success right from the beginning.
Some of these top industries include:
1. Vehicle Services
Oil changes, regular maintenance, tire upgrades, and fluid changes – all of these things must be performed on vehicles on a regular basis. Folks don't always want to book, but they need to in order to keep their cars running properly. Keep your customers on a schedule – all while advertising to new ones – and this could be an extremely profitable area of work.
2. Cleaning
Luckily for those in the cleaning business, there are plenty of folks who dislike tidying their own offices and homes. While, technically it's something they could do themselves, many don't have the time or the want to do so. Instead, they book a professional to help keep things nice and clean. Here too, customers can get on a regular schedule, leaving you with regular and ongoing business.
3. Restaurants and Eateries
What's something that customers do most often? They eat! Customers are hungry several times per day, which means if someone doesn't come in for lunch, they might come in for dinner. (And if they really like your stuff, they might even drop in for both.) If you own an eating establishment, you're likely to be busy twice a day – at least – meaning seriously steady business.
4. Supplies
No matter what type of supplies you might be offering, your customers are going to need your goods on a frequent basis. You're also more likely to maintain repeat shoppers who keep coming back. Work to foster relationships with these customers, keep whatever they might need in stock, and you're setting yourself up for regular and steady income for years to come.
5. Retail
Clothes, yard supplies, make up, and more – if it's something you use on a daily (or even a semi-regular basis), chances are you can turn it into a profitable franchise. Choose something that you're passionate about for a career you love, and then keep your shelves stocked for regular shoppers and turnover after turnover.
6. Rentals
Not only can you earn yourself a great reputation by renting out products, you can earn a great income. Because you only buy your items a single time, but profit off of renting them out time and time again, you can greatly increase your profit margin. Customers will appreciate only having to pay a portion of the fees, and therefore are more willing to buy, to refer their friends, and to come back and rent your items a second time around.
7. Photo Services
Whether you're working as a photographer or setting up photo booths, you're sure to find a steady market for your business. Through various events and milestones, customers will want quality images of these important days, which means you can stay nice and busy. With good customer service, you can establish yourself with families and friends who will ask for a photographer time and time again.
8. Repairs and Replacements
A good repairman (or repairwoman) does the job right the first time around. But luckily for you, things continue to break. (And not because you wished it that way, but due to Murphy's Law.) More appliances will break down, windshields will continue to get cracks, floors will become uneven after a leaky pipe, and so on. Establish yourself as a trusted individual within your area, and you can bring in years of repair and replacement business for your upcoming franchise location.

By Bethaney Wallace | Oct 19, 2017 | General Franchise Information