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As an up and coming franchisee, one of your biggest goals will be to help your business run as efficiently as possible. The less time that’s wasted on simple tasks, the more time you can spend elsewhere. This only makes smart business sense, right? As a franchise owner, efficiency equals more money. And the sooner you find ways to best spend your efforts, the better you can frame your business toward being fruitful in as little time as possible. Or in other words, not wasting money and efforts. 

Set yourself and your franchise up for success early on by planning toward smart and pointed movements. Doing this in the beginning stages sets the tone for how you want your brand to run, and how you value finding new (and possibly better) ways to do things. To get started in making your location more effective, take a look at this list of smart streamlining efforts. 

1. Divvy Up Tasks By Talents for Your Franchise Business
Not everyone has the same best skills, use that fact in your favor. For instance, you should take on the tasks that are best suited to your natural skills as a business owner. Then divvy up the areas where you struggle. Find where employees shine and allow them to take on those same abilities. This will make for a smoother go at many business necessities.

Don’t force yourself or others to do things that just don’t flow. While there’s a time and place for learning new skills, there’s also a fine line in creating a better way of moving forward. 

2. Cut Out the Extra Steps for Your Business Location
This one will take time to get to know your job. However, there will come a point where you just realize, “We could be doing this another way.” Or even, “This step is completely unnecessary.” Don’t do things the way they’ve always been done just because, but instead, find the best ways to move forward. Don’t be afraid to cut the fat. Doing so can lead you to faster and smarter ways to run your franchise location. 

3. Always Keep Learning
A business owner’s job is never done. You can always be looking toward new and exciting ways to make your efforts grow. Don’t be afraid to put your education as a priority. Learn new skills and new tactics in order to push yourself into growth, and therefore, a smarter leader for your brand. You’ll likely even pick up some new tricks along the way. 

Be sure and offer educational courses for your workers too. Whether they’re internal and concern franchise logistics, or you’re offering outside courses, this is a great way to invest in your workers and create longer employee retention. 

4. Hire Out When Necessary
There are some tasks that are just better left to the pros. Some of these include payroll, taxes, legal aspects, perhaps even marketing or market research. Whatever it is that requires you to bring in help, don’t be afraid to do so. Yes, it comes with an added fee, but you should also consider the benefits. More free time to work on other tasks, and peace of mind in knowing that the job was done correctly the first time around. No second guessing your own skills, or fretting while doing the task. Sometimes, you’re helping your franchise make more by spending a few necessary bucks. Just be sure to find services that are worth it. 

5. Follow Franchise Recommendations
Your franchising brand has standards for a reason. One of the biggest benefits to working with a franchise is that you’re following a business plan that’s already been tested and vetted for you. (On someone else’s dime.) They took the best of what worked and eliminated what didn’t – you get the benefits of their time and efforts. Don’t forget to use them to the fullest of your advantage.

Of course there are certain changes that will come into play with each market. But as you grow as a franchisee, you’ll learn these nuances. (See #2)

6. Please Your Current Customer Base
Better service means repeat business. This is a simple yet often overlooked step for business owners. The better job you do the first time around (and each time after), the more likely your customers are to return. Happy customers also send their friends in, telling them about their great experience. In the same light, a customer who was displeased is less likely to return, meaning it will take more time and effort to obtain new customers. 

Ensure your system is set to satisfy customers and keep your base growing, rather than replacing itself with each visit. 

7. Study the Franchise Business!
The more you know, the better and more successful business owner you can become. The best way to understand what’s working (and what isn’t) is to remain involved as a franchisee. Keep your eyes in the game to understand key steps and how they are contributing to the overall flow and feel of the brand. This is especially true for businesses that have been open for a long time – their tactics can become dated over time. Staying aware of this fact can allow you to update as needed and included better best practices for your franchise location.

There are many ways to keep your business as efficient as possible, and doing so can help draw in more dollars, as well as overall flow to the location. 

By Bethaney Wallace | Jan 29, 2021 | General Franchise Information