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7 Ways to Perk Up a Slothy Progress Day
We’ve all been there – trying to get things done on a day where nothing seems to work like it should. Maybe it’s the weather, maybe it’s that the stars were simply misaligned that day. Whatever the cause, anti-progress is a recipe for disaster. Where you never seem to get anything done – at least not quickly – and you end up all-the-more frustrated for your efforts.
No, you are not alone in days like these.
They shouldn’t be considered a wash, either. Though they might not feel redeemable, such work sessions absolutely are. With a few adjustments and an attitude that perks up, even in the worst of days, you can easily salvage what feels like sloth movements – negative steps even.
The next time you feel as though you can’t catch a break, try these tested methods to turn your progress in a direction for the better.
1. Take a Break
It might feel like the last possible step, considering you haven’t gotten near as much done as you like for the day. But taking a break from work can actually let you reset. Where you collect your efforts and let the stress slide away. Stop working for 15 minutes (or more!) and relax back into a better mindset.
2. Rearrange Your Schedule
A task can always be pushed back. While you might have wanted to check everything off of your business list from that day, it will be far more relaxing to simply switch one or two items until a later date. The relief will be instant, and allow you more stamina to move forward in a timely manner. And in turn, your franchise will benefit.
3. Eat or Drink Something You Enjoy
Even if you’re working through lunch (or coffee), there’s nothing stating that you can’t enjoy it (like, really enjoy it). Go and treat yourself to something tasty to add some sustenance. You need to refuel anyway, so why not multi-task while you’re at it?
4. Create a Checklist
On days where you just can’t seem to move forward, one of your biggest enemies it pop-up jobs – that is, tasks that “popped up” and took time away from what you had planned to accomplish. Time away from your franchising location. Avoid this by writing out a list. Start with everything you needed to work on for the day, then add such “pop ups” for later.
It’s true that this will create a longer list, but it will also give a precedence order without letting the small stuff suck away your working hours. And, it will also let you keep track of everything that’s been completed that day.
5. Get Moving
Go for a walk or take a trip to the gym. Whatever your preferred method of getting the blood pumping, get it done. Exercise not only provides endorphins that will improve your mood (and therefore let you move on with the day), but will actually create efficient progress going forward.
6. Change Your Attitude
Yeah, you might not want to perk up, but you might need to. Grab onto your grown-up bootstraps and perform a self attitude adjustment. Sometimes it just has to happen.
7. Call it a Wash!
Tomorrow is a new day, and on the most terrible of days, it’s time to move forward, not complain about the past. Simply stop whatever you’re doing and let yourself wind down. Go home and do chores, take a shopping excursion, or whatever will make you feel better about life. Your business will be waiting for you tomorrow, bright and early, when you’re better equipped for forward progress.

By Bethaney Wallace | Sep 8, 2017 | General Franchise Information