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7 Ways to Drum Up Positive Business Reviews… Before You Even Open
There’s a common excuse we all use when wanting to avoid a task – we’ll say the status quo is “too soon.” In order to get out of a dreaded chore or to buy ourselves more time, we claim that common sense won’t allow us to get started. The necessary steps are not yet in place and you don’t want to jump the gun – good planning is being used in this case, not avoidance.
In theory, defaulting to a timeline can sound logical. Just like clockwork, responsibilities follow an order.
However, in practice, it can slow you down and cause you to lose out on forward progress. While, yes, there are specific sections you can’t move forward all at once in that they actually require a progression. But others can be checked off in beginning stages, far before their deadline. Especially with tasks that help drum up business, such as marketing.
Marketing Tactics to Implement Before You Open
1. Social Media Profiles – No, you’re not open yet. But that doesn’t mean you can’t start advertising online and gaining a public following. This is a free way to share all types of information with others, including when you’ll be opening and what you have to offer.
2. Posting Photos – We live in a visual day and age, where folks respond to what they can see as well as what they can learn. Therefore, the most pictures you’re able to post and get in front of others’ eyes, the more you can spread the word … through  a tactic that fits the times.
3. Ask for Feedback – Your potential business might be young, but that doesn’t mean you’re completely new to the professional world. Reach out to those who know you – former co-workers or clients, etc. – and ask them to sing your praises. This can be done on your company Facebook page, a website, or through LinkedIn recommendations. Or, get creative with your marketing tactics and use quotes in print media.
4. Spread Word of Mouth – Tell people about your company! Tell them what it can do, what all you can offer, and anything else that might become of interest to the general public. This is an easy way to advertise through your current contacts. And the subject will naturally come up every time someone asks, “What’s new?”
5. Notify Local News Channels – When announcing your upcoming ventures, be sure to reach out to as many news entities as possible, this should include TV, radio, and print mediums. They might ignore your email, or they might want to do an entire story. Either way, you’re only out your time, and the potential for marketing growth is worth far more in effort and dollars.
6. Take Out an Ad – There are a number of different places you can do this – from newspapers, website banners, paid Google campaigns, magazines, and more. Tag your logo with an “opening soon” sign, along with pertinent details. Even though it’s seemingly old fashioned, ads can be updated for any new type of media, and can act as an extremely effective way to reach your best customers.
7. Networking – Even though you might not be open, you can still utilize the local market by getting to know others in the area. Especially business professionals who can help you pass business. Join various networking groups or research events where you can meet with others and chat about your up-and-coming gig.
In order to drum up positive reviews before you even open your front doors, there are a number of different methods you can take. Look to these proven marketing trends to affordably tell others you’re (almost) ready to serve.

By Jason Hightower | Jan 13, 2017 | General Franchise Information