7 Ways to Bring Your Personal Passion into Your Franchise Location

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7 Ways to Bring Your Personal Passion into Your Franchise Location

When you love what you do, it shows. Your passion for your work shines through at every moment, your customers see your passion and it catches on. The same is true of employees. All who enter your business or work with/near you experience this same type of atmosphere. They feel it; it's a type of electricity that can't be replicated. It can only be fostered naturally.

This is what happens when you bring your personal interests into your work. You aren't just going through the motions as a business owner, you're working on what you love. Doing what interests you, and what you can get excited about with others.

Besides, who wants a job they don't love? That's what makes work feel like work.

When setting out to make your franchising dream a reality, consider ways you can bring your own interests in to your franchising career – it's a move that can both help your location soar, and get you more excited about your professional world.

Bring Personal Aspects to Your Franchise By:

1. Choosing a Brand/Industry you Love

This one seems easy, right? When picking a brand or industry that you know and love, you can have better control over what you'll be doing the rest of your life. You won't have to guess if you will enjoy certain tasks, but rather you will have control of choosing what you already piques your curiosity. This can ensure a career path full of future growth, and the peace of mind that you will love your job for years to come.

2. Decorate Your Office in Style

This might be an oversight to many business owners, especially those who aren’t savvy (or concerned) about design. However, an office that "screams" you will be an inviting place to work each day. It's full of your favorite items and interests and acts as a location for you to sit and become accomplished each day.

3. Become Successful

Yes, this was already the plan, but being successful in business means that you can have more time and funds to do what you love. Don't get too bogged down with work that you avoid those personal tasks. Instead, stick to your passions and make time to do what you enjoy … while still ensuring your professional responsibilities have been taken care of. This is a presentence you can set for your entire franchise location in encouraging employees to do the same.

4. Perform Tasks That Suit You

As a franchisee, there will always be tasks that you enjoy more than others. Including those that come naturally. By taking on those that you are both good at and enjoy, you can set yourself up for success. Not only will you not be stretching yourself to complete items you dislike, you can get added satisfaction from getting to mark off items that you are easily able to succeed within.

Consider this when looking at a to-do list for your franchise location; easily add tools to your own belt, while outsourcing other items.

5. Talk About Your Business

Above we discussed how what you love shows, which is exactly why talking about it can boost your brand. It can even get you more excited in the process! Whether at networking events, in passing, or with others who are close to you, talk about your job often so you can celebrate your franchise while giving yourself a boost of confidence to continue forward.

6. Bring in Different Elements You Enjoy

As a franchisee, you have the ability to bring in personal touches here and there. It's what really makes a location shine. Partner with local groups you cherish for fundraising opportunities, schedule events that focus on national or cultural celebrations, consider partnering with local businesses to increase everyone's reach.  Whatever it is that interests you personally, find a way to draw those interests back toward your brand; the combination will create new bonds and connections that can help your brand thrive. Plus it's an added bonus for your hobby!

7. Use it in Your Marketing

Because your interests are a reflection of you, the business owner, you can show more of who you are with marketing graphics or themes. Then again, if a combination just seems too far "off," you can look at examples in those industries and consider recreating them instead.

In either case, pairing marketing with aspects that you enjoy can work toward a more seamless operation while adding brand passion into the mix.

Put your interests into your franchise for a way to add momentum to a job you love.

By Bethaney Wallace | Jan 18, 2019 | General Franchise Information