7 Ways Franchising is the American Dream

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Business ownership – success – career freedom with plenty of opportunity for growth – al of this and more is commonly known as part of the American dream. As we ease into a new quarter and see what the economy has in store for us, it's important that we don't lose sight of the core values behind it all. As a budding entrepreneur, the goals are simple: to love your job, to have career freedom, and to find growth with that job. That comes in many forms, but deep down the principles are the same. 

Take a look at this bare roots concept and consider how following the long folklore of reaching the American dream can help your business, and your franchise aspirations. 

Take a look at these growing notions and how you can use them with your own franchise location.

1. Creating Something From the Ground Up
So many clichés come to mind: "I built this with my own two hands," "Rags to riches," "Something out of nothing," "Before I got my hands on this…" the list goes on and on. But in actuality, there's much to be said about starting something from, well, ground zero. Business owners who have completely founded and honed a location can be proud in their efforts. Their own hard work and sacrifices put a business into existence, it grew into success. All because of one franchisee with a dream. 

This is the American notion if we've ever heard one: the ability to create and grow your own venture, and to make it into something worth having. 

As a franchisee, you'll have your hand in most sections of the brand, daily operations, and more. It's this process that creates extreme pride in one's franchise location, and in yourself. There's a reason business owners as so passionate, and the level of excitement it brings is almost indiscernible. It's yours and it's made you proud. 

2. Freedom in Franchise Growth, And More
As a franchise owner, you get to say how big is big enough. With your decisions and leadership, you lead your location to financial growth, or even multiple locations. If you're a part owner, you contribute heavily to the franchise's success, too. 

Existing franchisees site this creative freedom and planning process as one of their main reasons for getting into the industry. It's a grueling, satisfying puzzle to solve, over and over again. 

3. Creating Jobs for Others
What's more traditionally American than giving work to those who want or need it? Franchisees employ workers on all fronts – hourly or entry-level workers, on up to full-time managers who can make a career out of your franchise brand. Don't discount just how many people your franchise can help in terms of employment or career training. 

4. Contributing to the Economy with Franchising
In the same light, franchise locations pump money back into the economy. On a local level, this can be huge. Especially in times of recession, or when the community is in need of steady business locations. On a national level, it's a drop in the bucket – but without all of those drops, the bucket would be empty. Franchise locations make the economy run, and their contributions allow it to thrive.  

5. Giving Back Charitably
There are many ways in which your franchise location can provide for others. And that includes charitable donations.  Your business can create many resource for those in needs, whether it be in dollars, necessities, such as food or clothes, or it can help fund programs for those who need them most. Meanwhile, you can help local efforts by giving donations to schools or volunteers and helping their charitable efforts.

6. No Limit on Franchise Success
Meanwhile, it's an ongoing goal to create profits for the brand. Profits that can be shared with the community, employees, and of course, your own bank account. As the franchise owner, it's likely a top goal to run more efficiently while spending fewer dollars. 

That's also why many choose to franchise – your level of success is only limited by your work ethic and push to keep growing. Put in more hours and create more success with your franchise location. 

7. Franchising: A Career You Love
Finally, we've reached the crowning moment of the American dream: a job you love. Not a job you have to have, or a job that was expected of you, but one that came from your choosing, and that you wanted to have. Franchisees handpick their brands, their industries, and their position with the location. This is the purest form of ensuring a a career that will keep their interests to heart in years to come. 

Franchising encompasses many perks, including those associated with the American dream of finding steady work and professional success. 

By Bethaney Wallace | Dec 18, 2020 | General Franchise Information