7 Quotes Explaining What it's Like to be Your Own Boss As an aspiring franchisee

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7 Quotes Explaining What it's Like to be Your Own Boss
As an aspiring franchisee, it's likely that one of the biggest perks waiting around the corner is the ability to be your own boss. Not only will you have creative freedom, you'll be able to explore marketing techniques, manage your team as you see fit, and more. This growth potential and ability to learn is likely what inspired you to branch out, franchise, and work toward entrepreneurship in the first place. It's a sense of responsibility that many have grown to love, and that so many others continue to seek out.
Once you go for it. Once you take that leap into franchising and are able to become your own boss, there is an unlimited amount of growth and leadership to be had.
For the days where you're not quite convinced or are caught behind fear, take a look at these informative quotes that not only explain self-employment, but encourage you to create a career for yourself.
1. "Once in a while it really hits people that they don’t have to experience the world in the way they have been told to." Alan Keightley
Who says you have to do X or Z for work? Who says you have to show up by 8 and be done by 5? That might have been true in the past, it might have been what you've been told and understood your entire life. But it certainly isn't true. Your career can be whatever you make it and whatever you want it to be. The key is to find out those wants and then to make them happen.
2. "No one lives long enough to learn everything they need to learn starting from scratch. To be successful, we absolutely, positively have to find people who have already paid the price to learn the things that we need to learn to achieve our goals." Brian Tracy
Here we are reminded of the importance of finding a franchise you can trust. Why learn things the hard way when you can work for a brand that will support you every step of the way? Don't do it alone, ask others for advice and following their footsteps of success.
3. "There are two primary choices in life: to accept conditions as they exist, or accept the responsibility for changing them." Denis Waitley
You can change your life. You can change your career and turn your life into something more. Teach, create, and grow in your professional life for an outcome you can be proud of and a job you can enjoy going to each and every day.
4. "You will never change your life until you change something you do daily." Mike Murdock
We all have routines, and much of that routine likely includes getting up and going to or working a certain job. But why should you follow those same steps just because they are your norm? Break out of your everyday and learn to do something different, something better. But more importantly, that which you want and love to do.
5. "What is it that you like doing? If you don’t like it, get out of it, because you’ll be lousy at it. You don’t have to stay with a job for the rest of your life, because if you don’t like it you’ll never be successful in it." Lee Iacocca
This is so true, yet so easily overlooked. When you don't like what you're doing, you don't try your hardest. Instead, find a career that inspires you to grow and to become better at what you do. It's a move that will also make you happier in your personal life, not just your work.
6. "I can accept failure but I can't accept not trying." Michael Jordan
If one of the greatest athletes of all time isn't afraid of failing, why should we hold that fear? Look toward the possibility of success, and remember that it's ok to fall, trip, or even fail along your path. The key is to try your hardest at making a franchise you are proud of. Surround yourself with those who are there to support and it's a recipe for success.
7. "Your time is limited so don't waste it living someone else's life." Steve Jobs
Or in other words, don't work for others and expand their dream when you have a dream of your own. You have so much creativity, so much talent to give that it's important to put them toward your own professional aspirations. While it's good to gain experience along the way, don't forget about your own career goals or let them fall between the cracks. Instead, keep them alive and foster them as often as possible until you can make them a reality.

By Bethaney Wallace | Aug 30, 2018 | General Franchise Information