7 Industry Tips to Bring to Your Own Franchise

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7 Industry Tips to Bring to Your Own Franchise

Opening up your franchise can provide the best of your worlds. Not only do you get to own and maintain your very own business where you can bring in your own expertise, you also get to work with seasoned pros. Those who have been there, done that, and know the best ways to create success. By following the standards that were set into place for you by the franchising brand, you can grow upon proven methods and gain incredible business success.

Start by listening to your franchising company and learn from them as much as possible. Follow any steps that were put into place, especially those for opening a new location. Next, ask questions of a mentor, follow their advice, and see what worked for other branches and how you can do the same.

But now it's time to add your own flare. By opting for fresh ideas, you can easily help your franchise in ways that are unique to your location. Of course, you should play it safe and ensure steps are well vetted and within company policy. However, switching things up, even slightly, can add that extra something that no other location will have. It's simple changes that can bring in new customers and spread the word that you're not the run-of-the-mill franchisee.

1. Have Fun With Your Marketing
If customers are intrigued by your ads, they'll be far more likely to stop. What's more is that they'll remember you. Avoid plain or boring ads that simply state who you are and what you do; those are far more likely to get lost in the crowd. Opting for something fun and original can help boost your staying power, and therefore, your ability to bring in more customers.

2. Customer Amenities
You can also get within your customers' good graces by ensuring they will be comfortable. However, by taking it a step further and having a "thing," brands will be remembered for what they have to offer, such as free peanuts you can throw on the floor, an elaborate changing table with diapers, and so on.

3. Your Décor
While some might overlook how a business looks like on the inside (or the out), this is actually a huge note for first-time guests. (Whether good or bad.) Put a creative spin on your brand's artwork, the rugs, and the overall flow of furniture. You'd be surprised at how big of a difference it can make!

4. Sales and/or Deals
Another way to change things up is by offering a good deal on your products or services. This can help bring in new customers, or entice current customers to make an additional stop. Better yet is that you can focus sales on what needs to go each month. Try unique deals like free samples, or a discount when you bring in a friend, etc., to entice shoppers even further.

5. Inventory Storage
Why stick with plain shelves when you can be more efficient and fun with your displays? This is true of shopping spaces, and in the back of the store, where customers won't actually view your handiwork. As a business owner, you get to create your very own system that works for you. Don't be afraid to put your own spin on it.

6. Showing Off the Goods
Another "storage" option comes with making elaborate scenes of your items and/or service equipment. Folks are curious about what you have to offer, and by showing it off right where they can gain an up-close look, they'll be even more apt to shop. Think department store windows, factories that have clear walls for folks to see how things are made, and more. This insider look can bring on some serious spikes in business!

7. Go With What Works
Finally, it's time to find the difference between your own ideals and what is or isn't working. Just because you had a certain thing in mind doesn't mean it will always pan out. Be prepared to make last minute changes that follow what the business is telling you to do, not the idea you've always had in mind. This is a simple move that can help you out tremendously, so long as you're able to put your own specific or menial wants aside.

There are many ways you can help beef up your franchise's unique factors. Look to these proven industry changes for ways to help your location grow. 

By Jason Hightower | Jan 18, 2018 | General Franchise Information