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There is an unending list of locations where you can gain insight toward getting new information for your brand. From reading books, to interviewing others, to reading manuals from your franchising brand, there’s no shortage on where you can find new insight as a business owner. In the meantime, however, you can also find new ways so that you’re making best use of all time possible. That way each time you’re driving, when you’re folding clothes or mowing the lawn, you can also be learning by listening to new franchising information.

Enter the versatility that is podcasts. Subscribe to your favorite shows or shop around for titles that meet a particular question you might be having at the time. Finding a host you love will help keep you engaged at all times, while searching by topic allows for timely fixes you can reference as needed.

Whether you’re in a bind or simply want to make the best use out of your time, take a look at these proven and highly rated podcast titles.

1. Rick Bisio’s Franchise Focus

Get the low-down on all things franchising and beyond while listening to Rick Bisio’s Franchise Focus. This show comes out every week, touching on key topics, from global issues, to how changes in franchising markets can trickle down to the location level. It’s a great listen to newbies and experienced business owners alike. Add it to your must-listen list for ongoing insight on how the industry is changing and for an insider look on any changes – before they hit you where it hurts.

2. Outside In with Charles Trevail

What better way to gain insight from your customers than to picture yourself in their shoes? That’s exactly what Outside In teaches you to do – look at business changes from an outsider’s perspective, and then to look at how and why big brands make decisions based on that info. In the meantime, you can gain insight on how big brands work and how their changes have an impact on everyday business scenarios. It’s a smart listen that can teach you to rethink the way you’re looking at business situations as a whole. Consider it for your franchise learning abilities.

3. Tony Robbins Podcast

Chances are you’ve heard of this guy … and heard a few of his talks. But did you know you could tune in on a regular basis? Check out Tony’s tips for self-motivation, finding personal success, and how all of the above can lead to business success along the way. His insights still come with the motivation you’re familiar with, while his podcast can allow you to soak in more of the good stuff on a schedule that’s convenient for you.

4. Business Wars

This podcast is new to the Apple Store, but that doesn’t mean it has any less to offer. It takes a unique insight at business relationships, for instance, pairing Netflix vs. Blockbuster and dissecting the dynamic of economy and brand changes and how they will ultimately affect the world going forward. And in the same light, they’ll look at why brands made a choice and how said choices ultimately led to their success or failure. Gaining a better grasp of this behind the scenes look can allow for a unique approach to your own franchise. Listen with the intent of creating a clearer big picture for opening your own business.

5. Entrepreneurs on Fire with John Lee Dumas

Gain a look at entrepreneurism as a whole with this DAILY podcast. That’s right, there’s a new episode every single day. Can you keep up with new episodes?! Franchisees often look only at chain brands or their own industry, while this title offers insight to how the rest of the self employed approach their business ideas and functions. Get a well-rounded education on business ownership by listening to Entrepreneurs on Fire.

6. Franchise Interviews

What better way to gain thoughtful insight from franchisees than to hear it from their own mouths? Franchise Interviews goes one-on-one with successful and seasoned franchisees, as well as those who are just starting out. Listen for tips and tricks on various brands, and to learn how others got there first. This is a great weekly listen to add to your library.

7. Anything Industry Specific

A final option you should explore in franchising is looking to all titles within your own field. Whether you’re in retail, service, education, coaching, and more, you can readily find an entire list of podcasts that fall within your category, allowing to you learn every aspect of the field. You can even get more specific with it and look for those with your exact brand or industry. While there’s much to be learned by branching out and taking in what others are looking at, there’s plenty to understand about your own topics and titles, too.

Don’t overlook this simple addition to your daily commute!

By Bethaney Wallace | May 23, 2019 | General Franchise Information