10 Ways to Perform Market Research Online… for Free

10 ways market research

10 Ways to Perform Market Research Online … for Free

So you're thinking of starting a franchise. Great – amazing – awesome job, and an entire slew of well wishes. Branching out into one's own business is one of the best, most important decisions we ever make. It can change the trajectory of our career. Adjust our lifestyle toward a happier setup, and with room for growth (even if it's not more profitable right in the beginning). And so on. Franchising is an incredible step in one's life, and one that's to be celebrated from day one.

In all that celebration, however, it's extremely important to know how money is made. Not in just business logistics, but by customers themselves. They need to be interested, on board, and ready to sign up for your services. Without them, there's no revenue coming in, and therefore, no business. Understanding such practices can also help you sign up with the right franchise, and in the right area.

Though this process of finding customers and marketing toward them directly can sound daunting, there are actually a number of ways to go about such research. Ways that are online, quickly accessible, and cost nothing but your time.

Start Your Market Research By

10. Googling

Thanks to the infinite reach of the Internet, anything and everything can be searched online. Type in phrases that are related to your franchise of choice, along with your intended location. See what suggestions pop up within the search engine itself, as well as what's been posted on comment boards and social media. Chances are, if there's a need, people are talking about it. And you can see exactly what they're after … for free. All you have to do is dig.

9. Set Up Email Alerts

With the help of a handy setting, you can pick any subject to be searched, then have new results delivered directly to your email. Automatically. On whatever schedule you prefer. This is a great tool for market research, as well as once you're starting the franchise process and reaching out to a bigger audience.

8. Use Social Media

You know those hashtag signs that used to stand in for "number"? It's now your best friend. Use it to search entire social networking sites for whatever topic you prefer. Not only does it use your friends as data, but every single one of the website's additional users. It's a huge reach that allows for very specific business ventures. Bonus: most sites also search words that aren't in a hashtag, pulling those posts up, too.

7. Email

Find those that are in your industry and connect with them for networking purposes. It's a step that can allow you to find out what individuals are doing the same things as you, and to gain important insider info … so long as they're willing to share it.

6. Start a Campaign

Wondering if others will go for your business? Start a professional-looking campaign anonymously and see how others react. Those all for the idea will be even more thrilled once the concept actually plays out.

5. Go Online

Even before you open your doors you can easily start an online presence, especially on social media. Place your profile picture as "coming soon" and a company logo, then post regularly about progress and see how quickly the hype grows.

4. Keyword Research

Much like the above searching options, keyword research allows you to see what others are looking for online. This version, however, is slightly more specialized. If you're willing to shell out the dough, hire a professional. (Others can learn do it themselves.) It will give you extremely specific results, and access to printed and targeted lists.

3. Read Blogs

Bloggers are the voice of the people, and many of them are the people. See what they have to say and take their questions, expertise, etc. into consideration in order to give your research more specific, viable pieces of information.

2. Give a Survey

Gain answers in a controlled environment by asking the important questions directly. This can be done online, through a website, or simply scheduled for an in-person event. Reach out to willing parties online; consider offering payment or discounts of some kind to gain an accurate spread of consumer answers.

1. Request information from franchises from www.FranchiseOpportunities.com

Franchise companies have access to tools that provide demographic information and growth trends. Request information from franchise companies through www.FranchiseOpportunities.com. They’ll know that you are quite serious about opening a business. Franchise companies will share important information about your local area with a serious prospect like yourself. You can take this information and factor it into your ultimate decision.

By Jason Hightower | Oct 02, 2015 | General Franchise Information