10 Tips to Improve Your Franchise Through Physical and Mental Health

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10 Tips to Improve Your Franchise Through Physical and Mental Health
Just how in tune are you with your body? In terms of mental and physical health, there is much to be learned by simply listening to what your body tells you. For instance, when you're tired, what type of foods to drink, when it's time to get up and move, and more. Just by doing what your body wants, when it needs it, you can greatly improve your health
However, it's not just your physical health that you can improve through this tactic, it's your mental health, too. In fact, much of your mental health stems from how well you treat your body physically. Not necessarily by appearance, but simply through meeting basic health needs and how they create an overall happy mentality.
So why is all of this important?
Keeping your body in shape can allow you to be more successful professionally. Your needs will be met, which will lead to better moods, and an easier chance at finding time to work, and being able to focus on the business while doing so. You'll have more time to give toward your franchise, and be happier while you're at it. And with more time to put into the business, the better chance you have at growth and future success.
Improve your health status by:
1. Eat Healthy(ier) Foods
It's obvious, right? Yet it's also vastly proven. Heavy or greasy foods can make you tired and groggy into the workday, while fresher meals come with extra energy boosts. You should also avoid foods that might cause you ill physical effects, such as a headache or stomach pains. Pay attention to each meal and how you feel afterwards to zone in on your triggers.
Of course you can still eat "the good stuff," just be aware of how it might affect your body and mood while doing so, especially mid-shift.
2. Take Time to Relax by Yourself
Everyone needs time to decompress after a long day (or even before it). Don't deny yourself these few quiet minutes, they can do wonders for your mental health. Schedule a commute without calls, clear your calendar for the last 30 minutes of the day, or whatever other method that allows you a few minutes of personal thoughts.
3. Exercise the Body
Aside from physical effects, like burning calories and an elevated heart rate, there are plenty of mental perks to physical movement, too. Such as an increase in your endorphins, higher oxygen levels, and more. Even if you don’t enjoy working out, schedule time to take a stroll or join a pickup game of basketball for a fun way to help keep your mind sound.
4. Don't Let Work Pile Up
Owning a business is stressful enough on its own, but when you add a backlog of work, you can become overwhelmed with tasks from weeks past. Avoid letting your to-dos pile up undone to keep your head clear and your calendar up-to-date. If it helps, stay organized and write things down in strict detail for an easy way to stay on top of it all.
5. Hire Personalities You Like
Not everyone meshes, and that's ok. The important thing is to recognize who you do and don't get along with early on. Keeping those who "get you" and vice versa, on your team will keep your days flowing without interruption. Don't be afraid to weed out applicants who don't jive (or who aren't willing to adapt their opinions at work); it will save you a great deal of stress later on.
6. Drink Healthy Liquids
Water is your best friend. So are healthy cleanses or teas that also come with more flavor. Whatever your healthy drink of choice, be sure to suck down plenty of it. Staying hydrated can ward off headaches, moisturize your skin, keep coughs at bay, and can jumpstart the immune system. All of which, in turn, can leave you healthier and more focused toward your franchise. Don't get too busy running your business to stay hydrated as often as possible.
7. Delegate Tasks
You can't do it all, and you shouldn't try, either! Doing so is a recipe that will only leave you burned out and discouraged. Don't be afraid to call on the help of others. Especially trained pros who are better equipped for certain tasks than yourself. (This is true of lawyers, accountants, corporate tasks from your franchising brand, and even menial jobs that can be done by employees.)
8. Keep Your Workspace Clean
Or at least somewhat clean. No one expects you to pass inspection at any given moment, but working in a mess can clutter the brain, even subconsciously. Create folders (whether physical or on the computer) to file things away and maintain a regular cleaning schedule in order to tidy up your work.
9. Practice Ergonomics
If you sit and type, chances are your fingers and wrists will cramp up from time to time. In fact, if you do any task over and over again, the body will voice its complaints. Whether you're working hard physically or sitting behind a desk, look toward ergonomic practices. A few simple chances can reduce pains, create better habits, and improve your daily mood.
10. Switch Up Your Tasks
Keep your day fresh by doing different types of tasks throughout your shift. Doing too much of one thing is not only boring, it can cause you to make a mistake, even if through oversight. Help keep yourself entertained and working at your most optimum level by planning for a variety of tasks throughout the day.
There are many links between physical and mental health and professional performance. By ensuring your physical and mental needs are met, you will have more time and energy to put toward your company. Help give your franchise its best shot at speedy growth by devoting your time and attention to yourself as well as to the business.

By Bethaney Wallace | Aug 17, 2018 | General Franchise Information