10 Recommended Business Books to Read This Year

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10 Recommended Business Books to Read This Year
You never stop learning. If there's anything to take into your new business venture, it's that you always have more that you can take in. From everyday tricks to the art of a sales pitch, and beyond, there are a number of business lessons you can learn on any given day. Often without even realize you were doing so at the time.
However, there also comes a time where you're ready to learn. To sit down and soak in what the experts have to share, and to boost your confidence by knowing you're providing more and more to your brand through hard work and effort.
Whether you're considering some light reading to keep you busy, or for valuable business lessons (maybe even both!), take a look at these top-rated titles. Written by those who have been there first and vetted by other pros in the game, you can be sure you're learning from the best every time you turn a page.
1. How to Win Friends and Influence People
Though it's years old, this book by Dale Carnegie still comes in as one of the most top-rated business books of all time. As well as a top-rated everything else book. With its positive vibes and solid advice, it's recommended for those going into all fields in order to gain a healthier and happier outlook on all areas of life, including your franchise.
2.  Turn This Ship Around!
If you like metaphors and are looking to become a better boss, this is absolutely the book for you. It comes from L. David Marquet who writes about literally changing the fate of a ship, and how those same lessons can be applied in leadership. It's a great read for anyone who's going to become a boss and is looking to up their game on management and inspiring others.
3. The Hard Thing About Hard Things
If you want to hear it like it is, or rather, read it, check out this book by Ben Horowitz. A self-made entrepreneur, he uses real-life examples to discuss difficulties when starting one's own business. Though he certainly doesn't make it sound easy, it's a read that will better prepare anyone for what's to come. It also explains why success is that much sweeter when it's self-made!
4. Rookie Smarts
Being the new guy can be intimidating, but in her book, Liz Wiseman argues that it's also a good thing. Everyone has to start somewhere, and there are ways you can use your "new guy" status to your advantage. All-the-while you're learning to be bigger and better at what you do. Sounds like a win-win if ask us!
5. The Innovators
There are a few greats who brought the world what it is today. Writers, businessmen and women, inventors – all who have permanently and deeply left their mark. Learn about their stories to success and how they earned status. Even if you can't hear it straight from the horse's mouth, the book comes complete with insider stories and more, compiled and weaved together by Walter Isaacson.
6.  Every Idea is a Good Idea
You might read this title and thing, "No, not really." However, the book by Tom Sturges is all about exploring that very concept. Use it to learn to be more creative, and how to turn interesting thoughts to work in your favor – at all times. It's also a great lesson for thinking outside of the box, which can greatly help you succeed with your forthcoming franchise.
7. Influence
Whether you're an expert in marketing or just want to learn more about sending others to your brand (while not turning them away in the process), Influence is the book for you. Written by Robert Cialdini, entrepreneurs of all levels can earn a serious lesson in what makes the human brain buy (or want to buy) and how to tap into that market and use it in your favor, and for growing business success.
8. The Innovator's Dilemma
If you're worried about distracting yourself from what matters (or even if you're not), this book by Clayton M. Christensen is an incredible read. It teaches you to evaluate what makes you productive in your franchise, and what could potentially distract you from forward progress. (Including outside business ideas or trying to grow too quickly.) Use it as a proven strategy tool to keep your business running along the right path, and to give yourself the peace of mind that you're doing what needs to be done.
9. Choose Yourself!
Are you on the fence about opening a business? Or are you simply lacking confidence to move it forward? In either scenario – and hundreds of others – James Altucher's book is the read for you. It lists why you will be great at business ownership and how you can channel that confidence to propel your business forward. Use it to "choose yourself" as the best boss there is.
10. Smartcuts
You've heard the motto, "Work smarter, not harder," and now you can read about it in Shane Snow's book. This tale of growing on a large scale talks about coming up with better plans and avoiding wasting time or learning the hard way, even when you're starting out. Use it as a tool to think differently and to grow with your business dreams.

By Bethaney Wallace | Dec 27, 2017 | General Franchise Information