10 Motivational Steps To Take Each Morning For Business Success

10 motivational steps for business success

10 Motivational Steps To Take Each Morning For Business Success
You wake up, you start a pot of coffee, and you start the day by jumping in the shower. Or maybe you put on some gentle music and wake up slowly by picking out clothes. Perhaps you knock out a few chores, or hit the ground by running out the door. Whatever your routine might be, it's how you put a start to your day. It's how you begin and get yourself up and going for work, for pleasure, and anything else you might have going on at the time.
But here's the thing: those habits we create can greatly affect productivity of your company, personal life, and more. If you hit snooze seven times before finally rolling out of bed, you're not exactly setting yourself up for success. While, in contrast, eating a healthy breakfast can jumpstart the brain while putting you in a great mood. These very simple changes – ones we have heard about for years – can provide some much needed opportunities by simply allowing you to get more done.
Create better workdays and habits by taking on these simple steps, including:
1. Get Plenty of Sleep
Train your body to rest at night, and then to wake up in the morning. This can be done by ensuring you keep a routine, and by getting to bed early. Busy schedules can make this hard, but taking the time for quality sleep is one of the best ways to clear your mind for the following day. Besides, once you get in the routine, your body will be better trained to sleep come bedtime.
2. Stop With the Morning Lollygagging
It can be satisfying to put things off, but that only makes them more dreaded when it's finally time to get them done. Minimize the times you hit snooze or lounge around in bed, don't sit around in your p.js or tell yourself that you still "have time." Even if you're loading the dishwasher while waiting on a free bathroom, challenge yourself to stay productive for a moving-forward attitude that can stick with you through the entire day.
3. Try to Be Better
You should always be striving for bigger, better goals. And the best part of all, is that you get to pick what they are. In whatever area you think is lacking – or wherever you'd like to grow – decide to knuckle down with your franchise. It's a step that can be done through pointed concentration and the will to be better at all times of the day.
4. Create a Routine you Enjoy
If you like a glass of grape juice in the morning, let yourself have it. Choose a radio station you like, learn new skills through a podcast, and more. Take steps each morning to not only be productive, but to let yourself enjoy the process while it's happening. This will keep you from getting burned out, and help the magic last on into the day, too. After all, you picked a career you love, why not let those same perks into the rest of your day while you're at it?
5. Work on Your Attitude
Even if you're a so-called morning person, a bad incident at the start of the day can be off-putting. Rather than letting one of these scenarios ruin your entire day, choose to move past it. While it's ok to be frustrated, it's not ok to be frustrated all the time. Have your few minutes of anger, then cheer up; it's another scenario in which, the more times it happens, the better you'll get at creating better moods.
6. Be Healthy
In what you eat, what you do, etc., find steps that can help make your day a healthier one. Not only is this good for your body, it's good for the mind – a step that rubs off on your business every single day.
7. Remind Yourself You're Doing a Great Thing
Sometimes you need a pep talk, even if you give it to yourself. On the days you're a little down, remind yourself of just how much you've done and how many things you've accomplished. When moving forward with a franchise, you're creating jobs and venturing out on your own – this is a great feeling and you can remind yourself of those accomplishments as often as needed.
8. Finish Projects
You know how great it feels to get something done? It also feels terrible to half finish and leave projects in limbo. Setting up the utilities, signing franchising contracts – the cause can be anything. Instead of starting multiple tasks in a day, however, work toward finishing them. That way you can mark things as done and feel that sense of accomplishment (even on the smallest of projects) on a regular basis.
9. Take Time to Look Back
It's likely that you'll be very busy with your company. That's a good thing. But don't let it run your days, either. Be sure to take a few moments to think about what can be improved, what still needs to be done, etc. This is an easy step, but one that's also easily pushed aside.
10. Use Everything to Your Advantage
Bad experiences can still be used for good, we promise. Whether you're sitting and learning in a conference or dealing with a disgruntled customer, use it to find a better way within your business. With an attitude that's always looking for a productive spin, you can turn even the worst of situations … and prevent them from happening again.
Staying upbeat and motivating yourself can serve you greatly in the world of franchising. Remember these steps to remain productive and in a growing mindset every day you head into work.

By Bethaney Wallace | May 30, 2017 | General Franchise Information