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10 Modern Technologies That Make Franchising Easier
New electronics and availabilities are constantly emerging. There’s no denying that inventions and updates of how things are done have been able to streamline business as we know it today. Changes that continue to make life easier when dealing personally, and once venturing out into the work force for the day. While specifics can vary from industry to industry – for instance, restaurants might update how customers are able to order, while service and maintenance companies will want to remind their customers of upcoming diagnostics via email, and son on – it’s these same technologies that work to advance folks as a whole.
Inventions and updates such as:
1. Smartphones
This might actually be the most important piece of technology that there is. We take our smartphones everywhere. They are how people can reach us (and us them), it’s how we check email on the go, tune into social media, and more. And it can all be done from our pockets.
2. Customer Loyalty Apps
Rewarding your customers is one of the easiest ways to get them to come back in for a second round of business, and then a third, and so on.  It’s also a way to keep track of consumer behavior in the process. Franchises of all industries are taking advantage of this new tech and gaining business and business insight in the process.
3. Chat Rooms
Have you Googled something lately? Chances are you got pages and pages of things you didn’t need … as well as various comments and opinions on your topic of choice. Don’t discount these feeds as “just something else on the Internet.” It can be extremely valuable information. If you have some type of concern within your franchise, take to the interweb and see if others have any advice about what you’re going through.
4. PayPal and/or Electronic Receipts
Emailed receipts just might be one of the best things to ever happen to small business owners. No more are they required to print lines of paper; they’re emailed directly to their customer’s inbox. It’s a step that saves franchisees time and money.
5. Social Media
It’s marketing, it’s public, and it’s in a public setting for all to see. Social media has completely changed the way we look at advertising to customers, and has made it more affordable and more visible. If your potential franchise isn’t taking advantage of these avenues already, it’s high time you consider it as a modern information sharing medium.
6. Cloud Storage
Storing files – whether they be sensitive or not – is an easy way for companies to take advantage of space. Through the help of modern tech, files of all levels of importance can be accessed at any time, from anywhere with an Internet connection. Get rid of space-taking servers within your franchise and consider going cloud-based instead.
7. Online Training
From the most basic of courses to intensive training professions, franchisee owners of all industries have been able to benefit from online training. Employees can gain better work experience, owners can brush up on necessary skills, and more – all from the comfort of a home computer.
8. Tracking
As soon as you order something for your business, you can follow its location online. That means you are easily in control of knowing when something will arrive (no matter how important it might be), without spending time on the phone, or visiting the post office in person.
9. Updated Software
From a computer program that does all of your accounting, to those that send out invoices or logs inventory, there is a program that’s out to help your business. All it takes is an installation (and understanding how to use the program) before taking advantage of unlimited hours of streamlined processes.
To find programs that are specific to your brand or industry, consider reaching out to others in your field or contacting your franchising company directly.
10. Digital Reviews
Once it’s online and out for the world to see, it essentially can’t be unsaid. That also means there is information to be shared and viewed online that’s yours for the taking (or simply to use as feedback). Check online mediums, chat rooms, social media trending topics and more. All of this information exists for public view, and while it might be about you, you’re also part of the public, meaning you can take those words into account and adjust and/or celebrate as necessary.
Thanks to modern tech, you can incorporate multiple steps to make your franchising process easier. Consider these upgrades, and more, for a better way to manage.

By Bethaney Wallace | Sep 13, 2016 | General Franchise Information