10 Current Topics You Should Incorporate into Social Media

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10 Current Topics You Should Incorporate into Social Media
Social media, along with tech in general, has become a huge part of online marketing. Efforts to advertise are growing more widespread than ever, and those who are staying ahead of the curve by utilizing an online presence are seeing ongoing benefits. Because the Internet is where folks search for new companies to give their business to, and when folks are online, they can easily be found. That's a fact that's great motivation to those who might not yet have branched into social media, or who are working on an up-and-coming marketing plan.
To make the most out of your own company's social media presence – even if it hasn't yet hit the web – remember to touch on these top subjects to increase customer interaction and audience reach.
1. The Weather
Yeah, it might be a little cliché, but folks love talking about the weather. They love hearing about the weather, too. It's something that affects all of us, day in and day out. Which means it's also a topic to affect every one of your followers (even those who are far away have experienced various weather types at some point in their life). And if nothing else, posting about the weather is a way to get the conversation rolling.
2. Sales
Who doesn't like to save money? Folks want to keep as much money in their pocket as possible. Sales and specials alert folks when they can get more for less. These posts can also be a good way to bring in first-timers who have been on the fence about spending X dollars, allowing them to give your product a test for less.
3. Funny Memes
Memes are growing in popularity for a reason,  especially when they make you laugh. This is another type of topic that's universal and is likely to gain some serious likes. Just be careful that memes are appropriate for a professional setting, as this is one area of the net that tends to push limits.
4. Industry News
Topics that relate to your brand, even slightly, are a great addition to your social media pages. They educate the consumer, and show that there's more to your business than what first meets the eye. Besides, sharing news from others in your industry shows you value community over competition, which will help customers trust you even more.
5. Holidays
Folks get excited about all types of holidays, even seemingly insignificant ones. (Check online for wacky and little-known holidays.) Posting about these dates offers an easy segue into themed promotions, events, and more. They're even a great way to launch your content into trending topics, which means  it's more likely to be seen by more followers.
6. Better Health
Whether or not you're in a health-based industry, sharing these types of topics can gain followers. Find a way to relate better health back to your brand, or simply offer up words of motivation. You catch more flies with honey, and encouragement can perks up followers' days, whether or not it's directly related to your industry.
7. Office Shenanigans
One of the best ways for followers to relate is to allow them to feel like they know your brand on a personal level. Sharing about races, inside jokes, posting funny photos, etc. offers a simple way to share personalities, and to allow customers to see what it's like "on the inside."
8. Current Events
News, politics (stats, avoid opinions), headlines, and more can offer you an unlimited source of social media posts. Remember not to post anything too negative or controversial, but so long as you keep customers informed with accurate content, they'll keep coming back for more.
9. Random Facts
Whether it's related to your industry, or just a super interesting stat, share it onto your page. Folks love reading about random figures or spots in history, and they're also more likely to remember quirky facts. Later, when they tell their friends what they learned, they'll even list where said stat came from, gaining you added recognition.
10. Your Work!
Whether you offer furniture repairs or oil changing services, show your brand in action. This can be done by taking before and after pictures, then writing up a short story of what took place. Unique cases are a great source of material as well, allowing customers to learn the full range of your services. (Be sure to gain customer approval before posting.)
Use these ideas, and more, for a wide range of topics when creating your social media posts. Together, they create a well-rounded approach to cover your pages, and to allow you to reach the widest range of followers possible.

By Bethaney Wallace | Nov 07, 2017 | General Franchise Information