Franchising a business is a great way to get involved in business ownership. Of course, if you’re interested in starting a franchise, it’s easy to see why you’d want to invest in the best opportunities. Whether you’re looking for high profits or simply to enjoy ownership of a brand you believe in, finding the best franchise can be difficult without the right tools. But searching for the right fit doesn’t have to be hard! There are dozens of opportunities available for you to invest in right now.

If you’re wondering how to start a franchise, has numerous successful franchises that you can invest in to start your journey. In this article, we will not only be discussing some of the best franchises for your investment, but also whether or not it’s easy to start.

Is a Franchise Easy To Start?

Best franchises to own

Overall, yes! A franchise is an easy way to become a business owner without the hassle of developing your own business model, finding your own suppliers, and building brand awareness. By having the necessary resources covered, like branding and suppliers, new franchisees are able to start a business with a support network already in place. This takes care of the nitty-gritty, so you can focus on making a profit and providing customers with exceptional customer service. While it might take some time to go through the process, starting a franchise is a tried and true operation that thousands of other business owners have completed successfully.

Just as with starting your own business, of course, there is some paperwork involved, which can feel rather overwhelming at first. Thankfully there are resources available for you to ensure you are able to start a franchise properly.

For example, franchisors will have all of the internal forms, like the franchise license agreement, prepared for you. They will also have training materials you need to meet best practices and understand business operations. Beyond the company itself, the IRS has information on tax forms you need to incorporate a new business. Of course, it's always a good idea to consult your own business attorney to ensure your rights as a franchisee are protected

When it comes to starting a franchise, don’t expect the process to be perfect, but in general, it should be easier to meet your goals of owning and operating a business.

What’s the Easiest Franchise To Start?

If you’re wondering what franchises are the easiest to start, you need to consider two things: are you experienced in the industry and is it a concept that interests you?

It’s easy to focus on profits when starting a McDonald’s or Burger King even if you’re not interested in food service, because they’re well established and therefore appealing. However, starting a franchise takes a lot of involvement from the owner when it first opens. Putting yourself in a situation where you’re not passionate about the industry can make starting a franchise more difficult. There are so many opportunities available that you can easily find one that fits your interests. can help you find franchises for sale that fit your needs and the needs of your area, so you truly feel invested. You can narrow it down by industry, state, and investment level to ensure you get the most out of your franchise.

Can You Open a Franchise With No Experience?

The short answer is yes, you can open a franchise even if you have no prior business experience. Of course, experience in the industry and prior ownership of other businesses can help, but it’s ultimately not a large hurdle to overcome. That’s one reason why franchisors prepare new owners with business management training. Not only do they want you to succeed, but you’re using their name and brand, which they want to maintain to ensure a good reputation. Franchising is a great way to build experience, while also owning a business that you enjoy.

What Is the Most Affordable Franchise to Own?

When it comes to beginning a franchise, it might be hard to determine what the best investment amount is without prior experience in business. With online tools like, you can find low-cost franchise companies for less than $5,000 - $10,000, which might be the best fit for your budget. So what are some cheap franchises under $5,000 up to low-cost franchises under $10,000? Here are a few of the best franchises to own with low investment:

Site Swan

For only $149, you can start your own Site Swan franchise. Site Swan is a tool used by website developers to create and maintain websites for customers looking to get their business online. They have their own website building tool, so making websites is easy to do without any in-depth knowledge of web development.

One major incentive to franchise with Site Swan is your ability to set your own prices and keep 100% of the profits. Generating income is a significant reason to consider Site Swan, because if you sell one website a week, it’s possible to make over $50k in one year. On top of that, they provide you with training and over 100 website templates, so you can provide the best websites for your customers.

Standard Paints / Wood Defender

At the average price of $7,500, starting a Standard Paints / Wood Defender business is fairly obtainable for new franchisees. However, it’s possible to work within your budget and franchise from as little as $1,145.20 to $16,796.08. By learning how to stain fences/decks using specialized training, equipment, and products, you can make a 70% profit margin over material costs.

Wood Defender makes it clear that it is not a franchise, because you do not pay any royalties or fees to maintain good standing. Instead, you get what you need to begin, like extended training, continual support, and take home the income. According to Wood Defender, you can make $700.26 in less than an hour of work.

US Glass Fence

With an entry investment of $10,000, you can franchise US Glass Fence, which specializes in the design, fabrication, and installation of frameless glass fences and railings. Because glass fences are a new and rapidly growing market, there is minimal competition within the industry.

You will need to become a certified installer to apply for a partnership and training is provided. As a partner, you will be granted exclusive territory to grow your business. They also offer SEO and other advertising services. US Glass Fence will provide you with all of the supplies you need for installation.

What Are Up and Coming Franchises?

If you’re interested in up and coming franchises, you should consider new and, what we like to call, “hot concept” businesses. By investing in franchises with growing popularity, you can jump in and capitalize on the market. Here is a list of a few of the fastest growing franchises to consider:

Healthy YOU Vending

At $50,000 minimum cash required, Healthy YOU Vending is a revolutionary healthy food vending service within a $43 billion industry. With this company, you can offer a healthy alternative to the standard vending machines, which can help you grow a significant customer base.

Healthy YOU does not take any royalties or have contracted controlling agreements, but they provide help and training like a typical franchise. They will also assist you in placing your machines. With only one hour of work per machine per week, the time commitment allows for easy maintenance and time management.

Crazy King Burrito

One of the most popular, new franchises you can invest in is Crazy King Burrito. With a cash requirement of $100,000, you can be involved with a simple, inexpensive authentic Mexican burrito restaurant. Being committed, genuinely friendly, and willing to take on full-time leadership are qualities CKB is looking for in franchisees.

They also offer a variety of resources, such as creative content support, marketing and branding support, and integrated systems shared by corporate. CKB has high standards for customer service, which makes this a great opportunity for those looking to build strong customer relationships and high satisfaction through delicious food.

Fit Body Boot Camp

With the potential for higher profit margins compared to other fitness businesses, Fit Body Boot Camp offers scalable personal training as a turn-key operation for a cash requirement of $100,000. Fit Body Boot Camp promotes low equipment costs along with sustainable workouts and personalized meal plans.

As a franchisee, you’ll get access to marketing specialists, including campaigns, promotions, and ads. They offer several other services such as a website, software, and affordable retirement planning for you and your employees. Because Fit Body Boot Camp has a territory map, you can ensure you’ll have a strong opportunity to provide for your customers.

Roof Maxx

On the lower end of investments, you can franchise a roofing rejuvenation business, Roof Maxx, for a minimum of $35,000. Because Roof Maxx is a dealership, there are no franchise royalties. You can be on the ground floor of a $30 billion industry with an exclusive territory and access to proven selling and marketing systems.

Plus, Roof Maxx provides you with 100% training and support on how to do the job. You do not need to be a roofer or have the technical expertise to succeed with Roof Maxx, but business experience is helpful.

Which Franchise Is the Most Successful?

Of course one of the ultimate goals is to increase your franchise profit margin by investing in a successful business model. But what is the current best return on investment franchise you can invest in? Below are some of the top franchises that promise great success and higher earnings.

American Family Care

Franchising American Family Care requires a net worth of at least $1.2 million and liquid cash of $550,000. With that investment, you can own one of the largest urgent care centers in the United States to help those in need of care. They will help you with training, site selection, hiring, and marketing, among other things.

To work with AFC, you must be a motivated self-starter, have the ability to follow their proven business system, and can understand and execute marketing. You can take on one or multiple territories to amplify your profits. AFC is not like other urgent care centers, and you can provide patients with several services with experienced physicians during all open hours.

American Business Systems

When it comes to medical billing, American Business Systems has been training and supporting franchisees for over 25 years. With a minimum cash requirement of just $28,990, you can start your own medical billing business with a 100% money-back guarantee.

ABS provides a comprehensive toolbox for revenue management solutions with cash flow optimization. They also state that you can break even on your investment in less than 12 months, meaning after a year you’ll start taking home all of the profit. They offer live one-on-one training, cloud-based software, and free lifetime support. Not only that but everything can be done from home—training, marketing, data processing, etc.

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