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Do you want to do more, be more, accomplish more, but don't know where to begin? Do you want to be a source of positivity, healing, & light for your community? Do you want to be a part of an industry that is incredibly kind AND growing rapidly? The Float Spa X is here to help you get started. Learn more about the cost, locations, and facts now!

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The Float Spa X Wellness Centers
Business Cost, Fees & Facts for 2022

Minimum Cash Required $45,000
Total Investment $250,000 - $350,000
Financing Assistance 3rd Party
Training & Support Yes

Available In These States:

We are currently accepting inquiries in these states:
  • AK
  • AL
  • AR
  • AZ
  • CO
  • CT
  • DE
  • FL
  • GA
  • IA
  • ID
  • KS
  • KY
  • LA
  • MA
  • ME
  • MO
  • MS
  • MT
  • NC
  • NE
  • NH
  • NJ
  • NM
  • NV
  • OH
  • OK
  • OR
  • PA
  • SC
  • SD
  • TN
  • TX
  • UT
  • VT
  • WV
  • WY

Not Available In These States:

We are currently not accepting inquiries in these states:
  • CA
  • DC
  • HI
  • IL
  • IN
  • MD
  • MI
  • MN
  • NY
  • ND
  • RI
  • VA
  • WA
  • WI

International Availability:

Accepting In These Countries:
  • United States and Canada
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The Float Spa X Wellness Centers - Franchise

Get Your Float On

In its short time in business (opening in October of 2016), Float Spa X has established a leadership position in the market due to a revolutionary take on a traditional business model—serving the Sneads Ferry, North Carolina market.  With the growing focus on health and wellness in the United States, combined with a tidal wave on information about the benefits of float tanks (sometimes referred to as: isolation tanks and sensory deprivation tanks), more and more people are looking to get into the business but are in need of support, guidance, and structure on how to operate their businesses and how to manage the ever-evolving wellness services marketplace.

Currently, the marketplace is made up of localized “mom and pop” business owners in markets across the country.  Although there a few companies are growing at a steady pace, there are currently no (or very few) businesses in this market offering a structured franchise program.  The market is now proven to create a unified brand and service platform in order to provide a consistent and efficient operating model and high-quality services to individuals and families across the U.S.  

A Word from the Owner, Beth Jones
These centers were born from the need to stop the madness. As a society, we're racing around from place to place so fast and so constantly that life is passing us by at warp speed. 

Bodies and souls are hurting. Big pharma is getting bigger. While we firmly believe traditional medicine has its very important place, we are solidly and purposefully taking our space in the wellness industry. People are looking for other options and, with the way float sessions help the body and the mind simultaneously and holistically, we are that option. 

Our societies are becoming increasingly aware of the effects chronic stress has on our physical health and mental well-being. We are seeking solutions, but those solutions must be more available. There is a reason the float industry is growing so quickly. 

We're giving people their lives back, giving people the power to see that we CAN take our time back, that sleeplessness and stress and chronic pain and lack of focus and digital addiction doesn't have to be the norm. 

If you would like to be the catalyst of this revolution in your community, we'd love to talk with you. 

Why The Float Spa X?
The following points are the individual aspects of Float Spa X, which demonstrate a strong potential for duplication of the business model through franchising:

  • Operating Prototype - A positive element to the Float Spa X program is the fact that there is a fabulous operation that can be shown as the prototype model for the franchise being offered.  The business is operational and successful in the Sneads Ferry market and will show very well to franchisees upon scheduling of Discovery Days.  This will be a major selling point to potential franchise partners of the Float Spa X concept. 
  • Profitable Business
  • Operationally Sound - The Float Spa X model is structured to run smoothly with a reasonable amount of employees and 
    a reasonable workload for an owner/operator.  Through extensive use of technology, systems and processes in place, we have been able to structure the model for efficient replication. 
  • Adaptable Nationally - The Float Spa X model is adaptable nationally and becomes more viable everyday.  As the word gets out about the benefits of floating, the consumer market will demand more and a major brand in this space will emerge. There are some competitors in this field, thus proving the national marketability, but there is not one that has emerged as the category front-runner.
  • Teachable to Others - A Float Spa X franchisee will benefit from a well-defined system that can be taught and trained with professional processes and a shortened learning curve.  It is very simple to run and operate. 

Areas of Support

  • Operations
  • Marketing
  • Accounting
  • Auditing
  • Legal

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