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Pro Image Sports is the sports fan’s dream come true. As the largest franchise of sports fan stores in the world, Pro Image Sports is the destination spot where fans and fashion meet for over 30 years. If it has a team licensed logo on it, you can find it at Pro Image Sports. Inquire now to learn more about this great franchise!

Quick Facts

  • Minimum Cash Required

  • Net Worth Required

  • Total Investment

    $155,500 — $536,700
  • # of Existing Units

  • Financing Assistance

    3rd Party

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Pro Image Sports

About US
Welcome to Pro Image Sports, a sports fan’s dream come true. We are the nation’s largest licensed sports apparel gift shop, with franchises coast-to-coast. Die-hard fans migrate to our stores from all over to find their favorite team’s gear. If you are one of thousands dying for a chance to work in sports, this is the business opportunity you’ve been waiting for. Now is the time for you to own a franchise, and work in an environment where you talk, sell, and live sports.

A Winning Concept
Pro Image Sports Franchises has been the largest sports franchise in the nation for over 30 years. Our stores have developed a strong following from customers that know we are the place to go for authentic licensed sports goods they cannot find anywhere else.

A Fantastic Business to Own
We offer a great option for entrepreneurs looking for a low-risk, steady growth business with a relatively low investment requirement. Here are some of the key reasons why you should join the Pro Image Sports team.

  • Over 30 years experience
  • On-going demand
  • Constant service and assistance from corporate office
  • Multiple location strategies

Invest in an Experienced and Supportive Franchise Brand
Pro Image Sports began in June of 1985 in Salt Lake City, Utah with the opening of a licensed sports apparel and accessories kiosk. This marked the beginning of a long and prosperous franchise venture. By October 1986, just one year after selling the first Pro Image Sports franchise, the company was recognized by Venture magazine as one of the fastest growing franchise operations in the United States. In December of 1996 a private investment group consisting of current and past management purchased the Pro Image Sports franchises from Rentrack Corporation. The following year, Pro Image completed the purchase of Prime Sports FanFair, a competing franchise based primarily on the East Coast. This purchase solidified the Pro Image Sports chain as the world’s largest sports fan shop, and one of the greatest franchising opportunities in the industry. Today, Pro Image Sports has franchised stores throughout the United States.

Leasing negotiation support
Our experienced leasing team has over 30 years of experience and relationships with malls across the country. They will assist you in site selection and the negotiation of the lease.

No Previous Experience is Necessary with Our Comprehensive Training
Our versatile corporate management team will provide you with training in every aspect of the business, including buying, operations, and business management. Our relationship with franchisees is ongoing, and we are always a phone call away from offering assistance.



"I chose Pro Image over several other franchises because of the support from the home office. The prevailing attitude was that their #1 job was to help me be successful. I haven't been disappointed. It doesn't hurt that the royalty fee was far and away the lowest among the franchises I looked at." Lloyd Kneller , Owner of 2 stores in Tennessee
"After moving to the Twin Cities in 2000, I realized what a great retail experience we had here with the largest mall in the US – the Mall of America. Once you know where to look, there is no shopping experience quite like this. When we began looking at Pro Image in 2004, we soon realized that this group knew what they were doing and did everything possible to help us evaluate and make decisions. Once we committed, I had a steep learning curve, having come from 25 years in the corporate world. The Pro Image Franchise staff took us through everything from lease to build-out, inventory planning, hiring, sales training and retail management. After 4 years, we have had our successes and our mistakes. Throughout that time, the Pro Image franchise model has supported us every step of the way. Now that we have been open for a while, a hidden benefit of the Pro Image model, the store owner network, has become an invaluable resource of ideas. Hundreds of years of sports retail experience is at our disposal every day from owners in cities across the country. The owner network helps us reduce costly mistakes and find new opportunities that makes our store better and more profitable.”Tim Moulton , Minneapolis, Minnesota
"I can honestly say that coming to work has never been something that I dread. Being able to make a living while working a job that encompasses your passion has been very rewarding.”Tim Kerrigan , Wisconsin
'When I opened the store, the assistance I received from everybody at the corporate office was amazing, and has continued to be in my 8 years. The most important aspect of merchandising through time is keeping product fresh, not being afraid to change up the store, making sure things rotate, customers need to see a fresh product and a fresh setup.”Mark Dobbins , Florence, South Carolina
"What excited me most about opening my own store was the ability to deal with sports. I’m a huge sports fan so with dealing with everything that goes on with sports, and of coarse always the excitement of being your own boss and having your own business. Stay in touch with the corporate office. They provided a great deal of help in anything and everything you could think of. The assistance I received before starting was great. It was somewhat of an overwhelming experience, but spending the time with everybody was what really helped out in the beginning.”Juan Carmona , El Paso, Texas
"My brother and I always wanted to own a business together. We grew up working for our father in the construction field and had a chance to take over the family business but did not have our heart in it. My Dad would always tell us that he wished we knew the construction code book like we new sports statistics. That’s when we started brainstorming business ideas in 2008 and my brother came across Pro Image Sports. It looked really interesting and we got in touch with them. We had finally found a business model that fit what we loved to do to a T. After we did our research and decided that it could be a successful idea and met with the home office staff we decided to go into business for ourselves and opened our first Pro Image Sports store in 2009. Pro Image Sports did an incredible job helping us establish contact with all the vendors and helping us setup our store. We were two guys that had no retail experience and Pro Image Sports walked us through every step to help us succeed. We now have 5 stores and love doing our job and being our own bosses."Joey and Ben Solis
"We opened our first Pro Image Sports store in 2011 and have not looked back. We have since opened a few more stores and even converted an existing store into a Pro Image Sports. The networking and resources of becoming a Pro Image Franchisee has really helped put our stores in a position to succeed. Being a part of the Pro Image Sports family, you have access to endless support from experienced individuals in the corporate offices as well as countless store owners who have seemingly been through it all." Not only had this opportunity given us the chance to develop a healthy, growing business, but it has provided us a lifetime of friends.Prem Benipal

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