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Medical Office Setup - Business Opportunity

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The healthcare market is one of the most dynamic, lucrative investment fields, but starting a healthcare business is a notoriously difficult, expensive process…until now. At MOS, we've eliminated the typical barriers to entry, and we take great pride in making it easy for anyone to own a thriving, fruitful medical practice. Inquire to learn more!

Medical Office Setup
Business Cost, Fees & Facts for 2019

Minimum Cash Required$50,000
Total Investment$50,000 – $75,000
Training & SupportYes
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Medical Office Setup - Business Information

The healthcare market is one of the most dynamic, lucrative investment fields, but starting a healthcare business is a notoriously difficult, expensive process…until now. 

Medical Office Setup (MOS) is a surprisingly affordable investment opportunity that provides you with a full-service healthcare practice, staffed and ready to accept patients in just 90 days 

No royalties, commissions, or ongoing fees. None of the usual headaches or hassles. All 100% Done For You.

Your Very OWN Healthcare Practice in 90 Days.....Even If You've Never Spent a Day Working in Healthcare

Healthcare is one of the most profitable and vastly needed industries in the world. The earnings are legendary, potentially even for the small solo practice. 

But even for those with extensive experience in the field, starting a new healthcare business is a tedious process requiring a complex set of skills. From enrolling in state insurance and managed care organizations, to implementing acceptable billing and coding systems, to finding and training a range of qualified staff members…and that’s just the tip of the iceberg! 

Forget about doing it the hard way! 

At MOS, we’ve removed all of the usual barriers to entry and created a golden opportunity that makes it simple for ANYONE to own, enjoy, and profit from their very own successful healthcare business, even if you've never worked a single day in health care!

That’s because our team handles every single task FOR you, from finding your location, to partnering you with the insurance companies who’ll pay you, to hiring and training your staff.

We also create policies and fee schedules, ensure you’re HIPPA compliant, setup your payroll, design your office, configure your medical billing and coding, setup electronic healthcare records, create your website and optimize it for search engines, develop your highly effective marketing plan, and every single detail in between.

And once our job is done, we hand the reigns over to a highly experienced and trained Practice Manager who will be entirely responsible for day to day operations, meaning you can sleep like a baby, happy that your investment is in safe, professional hands. After all, an investment needing to be micro-managed is simply buying yourself a job!

Simply put, we do everything that needs to be done for you to open and effectively run your new healthcare business, successfully.

Compared to what most other opportunties require, it's simply astonishing this much can be

accomplished at such a high level for such a surprisingly affordable investment. 

No royalties, commissions, or ongoing fees. None of the headaches of a typical franchise! All 100% Done For You.

Inquire today and take the first step toward getting your new healthcare business launched! 


"I had my best month in my business shortly after we began working together and it's only been up since then. Definitely one of the best investments I've made hands down." K. Richardson, Owner GBC
"Always gets the job done without any hiccups." A.S., COO Behavioral Health Services
"I would consider this agency the biggest asset toward building and developing your own Agency and network. The owner is ethical, persistent and accurate...She develops strong working relationships with each entity and is proactive in her approach which avoids issues and delays.” H.B., Baton Rouge, LA - Owner A.T.S

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Training & Support

Our projects operate on a standard 4 month term. During that time, we find and lease your location, complete all paperwork and healthcare enrollments, integrate necessary systems, hire and train staff and fully setup and design the facility. While the office setup itself may take 2-3 months, additional time is provided to allow for any further training or support you need. In addition, you'll have a fully trained and qualified Practice Manager on staff, as well as complete policy and procedure manuals, so you'll never be in the dark with your new company.