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BookATailor stores make bespoke custom-made fashion, suits and shirts for men. Bespoke custom-made clothing is the production of suits and shirts from scratch by professional tailors. BookATailor is different from other retail models because they cut out the middle man and offer a pricing model that is simple to understand. Learn more today!

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BookATailor - Business Opportunity

What is BookATailor?
BookATailor stores make bespoke custom-made fashion, suits and shirts for men.  What is bespoke custom-made clothing?  It is the production of suits and shirts from scratch by professional tailors, manufacturing and processes which begins by drawing customers' measurements on fabric, precisely cutting to customer size and specifications, and then producing the garment exactly to those specifications.

BookATailor stores are based in units of 750 to1,500 square feet, typically in a non-retail location such as office space in Manhattan or a second level retail space in a suburb or town.  The customer is virtually unaware of the locations on the street but, through heavy performance-driven marketing, the business grows quickly and attracts new and repeat customers.

The store concept caters to a fashionable demographic with a sense of style that is both expressive and professional.  However, BookATailor is not exclusively for fashion-focused clients.  Owing to the flexibility of bespoke custom-made clothing, men of all sensibilities, demographics and income brackets shop at BookATailor.  Clients include those in the fields of advertising, marketing, real estate, entertainment, management, law and more.

To alleviate the exclusive, conservative image often associated with bespoke custom-made clothing, BookATailor promotes individualization and creative freedom with fabrics and accessories that allow for unlimited expression by way of a finely-personalized tailored fashion suit, jacket, pant, overcoat or shirt.  By committing to a reasonable cost structure and offering world-class customer service and convenient locations in markets around the USA, BookATailor is poised to completely define the men’s custom clothing market space.

What makes BookATailor different from other retail models?

  • Cutting out the middle men – The company has invested in the infrastructure, facilities and people in Southeast Asia to build and create a custom clothing manufacturing company.  The organization is now able to control the quality, consistency and pricing of the goods being produced.
  • BookATailor implements a retail model that is functional, efficient and without “fluff” or extra overhead which would add costs to the end product and ultimately to the consumer.  This is widely apparent in the office model and kiosk concept.
  • The leadership of the company provides the fashion, style and vision for the organization when it comes to branding, look, feel and interaction with the customer, along with a pricing model that is simple, to the point and understandable for the buyer.
  • The company has quickly arrived at a market leading position because pricing for custom clothing is so much higher than what BookATailor is able to offer.  The organization has grown quickly in markets across the United States.

Three business models to choose from:

  • Kiosk model – based in high foot traffic locations, these kiosks are simple, low investment and require an owner-operator.  Locations are technologically driven and easy to manage.
  • Office model – a unique concept developed specifically for BookATailor.  Locations are based in commercial office space with lower rents.  Traffic is driven to the location by appointment only.  Requires aggressive marketing and lead generation as provided by the BookATailor franchise model.
  • Full retail model – traditional retail storefront location offering the custom clothing at reasonable pricing.  Higher initial investment, but leverages visibility and walk-in traffic.

If you want to bring the concept of custom-made fashion for men to your area, we'd like to talk to you!


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