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The fundraising industry is rapidly growing and projected to be $340 million by 2025. There are limited competitors who offer in-person programming. Apex offers a significant advantage to those who are looking for new opportunities within this industry. Learn more!

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Apex Leadership - Childrens Youth / Fitness
Business Cost, Fees & Facts for 2023

Minimum Cash Required $50,000
Total Investment $79,000 - $117,000
Franchise Fee $49,500
Financing Assistance 3rd Party
# of Existing Units 112
Training & Support Yes

Available In These States:

We are currently accepting inquiries in these states:
  • AZ
  • CT
  • IL
  • LA
  • MA
  • MD
  • MI
  • NE
  • NH
  • NJ
  • NM
  • NY
  • OH
  • OK
  • PA
  • SC
  • VA
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Apex Leadership - Childrens Youth / Fitness - Franchise

Apex Leadership is an all-in-one leadership focused fundraising company that consistently shows 2x the results of other fundraising products. Since 2011, we've been on a dedicated mission to create and share a healthier, more joyful, leadership-focused way for schools, clubs and youth serving organizations to raise money. Our inclusive, fun-filled experience focuses on promoting leadership and fitness to kids while empowering students to raise funds for their community. 

The Apex Impact:

  • Each year, we:
    • Host 1,800+ events across 33 states
    • Impact over 900,000 students and 14,000 educators
    • Raising over $240 million dollars for schools with 6 super fun Apex fundraising events

How We’re Different:

  • Our People: 2 week in-person experience where a team of athletes will work with each school to teach & model unique leadership lessons to students. Each lesson is customized to each grade and classroom.
  • Our Program: Character building program is informed by feedback by current principals regarding key challenges and behavior opportunities in today's elementary schools. PBIS certified.  We have a 90%+ client survey rating, leading to 80-90% recurring revenue. 
  • Our Owners: Locally owned and operated by a business owner in the community.
  • Our Impact: Our program nets 2x more for schools than our fun run competitors - 70% of funds come from outside the school.
  • Our Technology: Our donation platform is proprietary and our discounted supplies / equipment provide more profit pools for schools and franchisees.

The Franchise Model:

This business model is an owner-operator model.  An owner’s main functions in the business are: 

  • Building community and culture
  • Hiring employees that represent the brand
  • Tracking key performance indicators on a daily basis
  • Analyzing the financial performance of the business
  • Evaluating the quality of instructors and staff
  • Brand champion/ambassador
  • Representing the brand in the local community on a daily basis 

Key Franchisee Benefits:

You’ll make a difference in the lives of children every day. Our franchisees transform the future of schools by building student leaders and raising funds that benefit local communities.
Monday through Friday business hours & time off during the summer gives you the flexibility to manage your own time and balance your quality of life.

  • Franchise Support: First-class business, program & technical support, continuing training and assistance as evidenced by our 9/10 franchise ratings around home office support. 
  • Franchisee System: Apex franchisees believe in the importance of having a local presence and carefully selects owners who are leaders in their community.
    We will support your business in every single aspect of your business from the moment you close to the moment you sell which will ensure your success as evidenced by our 2% franchisee churn.

How the Apex Program Work:

  • The 2-week program includes:
    • 10 days of high-energy fitness and fun with a dual focus on empowering students to ask for donations and customized grade-appropriate lessons that encourage leadership behaviors.
    • On-site Athletes getting to know kids during PE and recess while demonstrating fitness and leadership as approachable role models.
    • A fun-filled Apex Event that has a positive impact on the entire community and raises the funds you need.

Program Components:

  • Teacher Meeting: before the program, we will meet and go over details of the 2-week program, review FAQ and hand out posters, etc. Teachers become coaches and teachers, together with their students, pick a class name. During teacher meetings, coaches also decide on class awards for varying pledge levels. All teachers receive their Fun Run jersey.
  • Pep Rally: Your team, backed up by a booming sound system, dancing, music and exceedingly high energy, will introduce the program, and prizes, to students. Teachers will receive lanyards/pledge kits that we have for each student.
  • Set Goals: Coaches decide on goals for their classrooms with pledges (usually 3x the amount of students as the dollars per lap raised) and email parents to let them know that teachers will be getting money directly for this fundraiser, and they need the parents’ help to reach the goal and how their child’s teacher will spend the money raised.
  • Team Days: For the 6 days after the Pep Rally, the APEX team will come into class for 5-8 minutes/day to give the lesson and reward students. This is a time for coaches to sit back and enjoy, and keep the students going on their pledges to earn class prizes.
  • Fun Run: The culmination of the nine prior days peaks at the actual APEX Run! Parents and teachers come and enjoy the run with the students (45 minutes) and encourage them with noisemakers, cheering sections, and at the water station. At the end of each group of two grades (one grade runs on one course; two grades run simultaneously on adjacent courses), you hand out clipboards to teachers to count their students’ laps. APEX team records all laps for every student in the computer system to generate pledge letters.
  • Follow Up: Your APEX team will give an envelope to all students to collect funds the day after the race. Follow up, computer-generated letters and emails will be provided to PTO and teachers to ensure all the money pledged is collected.

Additional Product Offerings:

Apex Flex    
Apex Flex is our program for lower-income schools, where we still provide a hassle-free, two-week experience from rally to run. However, with Apex Flex we are able to lower our initial costs by up to 50% by providing ticker stickers instead of jerseys, automating videos to save labor, etc. In addition, 1 Apex team can serve 3 schools at the same time (an Apex team can typically only serve 1 school at a time under Apex Live). This allows us to serve over twice as many schools across America that we were not able to previously serve with the Apex Live platform. With Apex Flex, the school retains between 50% and 75% of the revenues generated, with the balance paid to the franchisee.

Apex Remix & Glow Run
These programs are identical to the Apex Fun Run program, but have a different conclusion to the event as opposed to a Run.  Apex Remix is a program where students will get pledges per dance move or fitness exercise.  It is a fun program that encourages being active and fit. The Apex Glow Run transforms your gym - LED funnel, disco lights, black lights, and glow sticks. Students are pumped up with this modern twist on the traditional fun run. 

Anython is our fundraising platform for any sports team, club or group that is not an elementary school. Many school parents reReququest our services for more than just their school (soccer team, varsity football, youth group, sorority, etc), and Anython is our all-purpose solution for them. With Anython, we are able to help fundraise for any group activity (hit-athons, free throw-athons, lift-athons, golf-marathons, serve-athons, etc). Each group keeps around 70-77% of the funds, and the costs to run them are very minimal. Anython is a great tool to fill in gaps in your program for after school, weekends, over breaks and during the summer. 

Middle School Color Battles
Middle School Color Battles are the solution for middle schools that require a little bit of a different program than Apex Live and Flex. This program was created for the older middle school environment, which requires different challenges, online sharing, pay-to-play fundraising, and a unique schedule that fits with the middle school classroom schedule. The program is still 2 weeks long, requires 1 Apex Athlete and it fits into the Fun Run schedule.

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