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We train individuals who want to own their own business in social media marketing. Research shows that more businesses are turning to social media for marketing than ever before. With our simple to follow training and business package, you will have everything you need to be successful. Quick return on investment. No franchise or re-seller fees.

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Social Media Trainers
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Minimum Cash Required $12,900

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We are currently accepting inquiries in ALL States
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Social Media Trainers - Business Opportunity

Be your own boss
Unlimited earnings
Keep all your profits
No experience needed
No Franchise or Re-seller fees
Fast return on investment
No hidden fees

About Us

We train and consult with individuals who want to own their own business in social media marketing.
With our expertise and first-hand experience in this industry, we have a very simple and successful program that you can plug yourself into. If you follow our simple system and learn our tricks of the trade you have the potential to make your investment back VERY quickly!

Why Other Training Programs Don’t Deliver Results
Almost all training programs out there today fall short on delivering what is needed to drive real business results.
  • Misunderstanding a Constantly Changing Industry - A lot of training programs out there are filled with large quantities of random videos that are outdated and provide “tips” and “tricks” that are no longer relevant or don’t teach real marketing principles.
  • Lack of Real Business Experience - A lot of training programs are run by people who have never owned and successfully run their own social media marketing company.
  • Fees and More Fees - Many programs out there charge franchise and re-seller fees which eats into your profits and ROI.

The Keys to Our Program’s Success
Our business training program has a track record of success and stands out above the rest.  Here are a few reasons why:
  • Quality Training by Successful Business Owners - Besides providing business training, we also run a successful social media marketing company called Social Media Eagles.  We teach you how to run your own business – modeled after our own.
  • Proven and Cutting-Edge Marketing Strategies - Since we have experience in running our own marketing company, we know what works and are also on the cutting-edge of new marketing practices and methods that deliver results.
  •  A Simple Program with a ROI in as Little as 6 Months - We know it’s possible because we’ve done it, and we want to share how.  We want to see you succeed which is why we provide quality training and have no franchise/re-seller fees.
  • Social Media 101 & Strategy - Learn from the basics of social media to advanced social media marketing and how to put marketing strategies together for your clients.
  • Audience & Content Marketing Strategy - Learn how to relate to your customer’s audience and how to find great content and how to work with content writers.
  • Measurement & Reporting - How to measure social media and report analytics to your clients.
  • Facebook & Instagram Marketing - Learn the best ways to market for each of your customers on Facebook and Instagram. I will teach you what my customers are doing to get more followers and how to market for each different type of business.
  • LinkedIn, Twitter & Pinterest Marketing - We will teach you the #1 ways to market on these platforms. We will also teach you from our experience working with customers what has worked for certain types of customers.
  • Business & Personal Branding - Learn the best ways to brand your clients business and branding tricks and ideas we have been able to use that are very successful.
  • Blog Marketing - We will teach you how blogging can really benefit your client’s business.
  • Lead Sources and more… We have some ways no other training companies have to get great leads. How to follow up on those leads and create business where you can make as much money as you want. And much more!

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