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Own the Nation’s #1 Salad Franchise and provide a fully customizable and calorie conscious menu. Saladworks offers fresh, made-to-order, entrée-sized salads, proprietary soups, and Focaccia Fusion sandwiches.

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Minimum Cash Required$200,000
Financing AssistanceNone
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Saladworks – Franchise Information

A Fresh Opportunity - In the News: Q2 Sales Up 15%
Saladworks is the nation's first and largest fresh-tossed salad franchise. Our model is simple: an efficient, easy to execute operation with strong unit economics. At the forefront of healthy dining, Saladworks offers fresh, made-to-order, entrée-sized salads, proprietary soups, and Focaccia Fusion sandwiches. Choose from over 60 fresh vegetables and salad toppings to create your own, mixed in the moment, personal favorite. With a nearly 30 year history, 108 open restaurants nationwide, and over 100 locations in the development pipeline, Saladworks is recognized as the Nation's #1 salad concept with strong 2nd Quarter results and significant growth projected for the remainder of 2014.

Q2 2014 resulted in a 15% increase in system-wide sales over Q1 as a result of increased customer traffic. Sales growth was bolstered by the current 'Springfit Salad,' seasonal LTO. Saladworks intends to keep driving sales with a new seasonal salad LTO to be rolled out in Q3.

In the second half of 2014 alone, Saladworks is on target to open 9 new stores in the United States and at least 5 internationally.

If you share our passion, meet the qualification criteria and have the ability to deliver a high-level of customer service within your community while embodying our company values, it's time for you to become a Saladworks franchise partner - the brand that truly is the fresh and healthy alternative.

Our Fanatic'ly Fresh Support
Our support systems set us apart from the others.

We will assist you with choosing a location and designing your store. We'll also help you with lease negotiations and approve all final lease agreements. Saladworks provides a 4 week training and familiarization course covering all aspects of conducting business at Saladworks. This includes classroom training (Profit and Loss management, ServSafe®Certification) as well as in-store training for you and your management employees.

Among many other things, Saladworks provides the following support:
  • a proven business model
  • a concept applicable for multiple venues
  • site selection, lease negotiation, and construction guidance
  • store opening assistance and ongoing operational guidance
  • 4 week training program, including in-store, hands-on experience
  • ongoing ServSafe® certification for store managers and employees
  • volume-negotiated pricing for products
  • cutting edge product development and ongoing business education training
  • local store marketing, public relations support, and social media
  • Point of Sale/Information Technologies
  • verified, approved vendors and distribution procurement
  • regional dine-around sessions
Fanatic'ly Fresh Design
Saladworks is designed to operate within 2,000 to 2,300 square feet. Preferred locations include: end cap and in-line restaurants in strip centers, major mall food courts, transportation centers, ground floor sites in major office buildings and street-side locations with high pedestrian traffic, high-visibility in mid to upper-income areas.

Investment Requirements
We look for development partners who have a minimum of:
  • $400,000 liquidity
  • High End Suburban Strip Centers and Pad Sites
  • $1.5 million net worth
  • There is a 3 unit minimum development and the franchise fee for each unit is $30,000.
Interested individuals should have a minimum investment amount of $200,000. Per item 7 of our Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD), the total investment necessary to begin operating a single Saladworks restaurant ranges from $479,200 - $649,200. Saladworks requires you to develop a minimum of 3 stores in 3 years. You will need to have a minimum net worth of $1,500,000 to qualify.

Be A Multi-Unit Owner Of The Nations #1 Salad Restaurant
We have targeted several areas across the US for Saladworks expansion. Our development program operates exclusively through multiple unit development, with a minimum development of 3 units over a 3 year period. Opportunities may exist for larger, more comprehensive agreements.

Upon receiving your information request, our Qualification Manager will reach out to you to discuss your development interests, goals, time line, and answer your questions about the Saladworks brand.

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