Project Passive - Absentee Owner Amazon eCommerce Opportunity - Business Opportunity

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We Build & Manage Amazon eCommerce Businesses That Generate Passive, Monthly Income for Our Clients. Backed by a successful track record and a proven model, our stores realistically generate $3,000 to $10,000 per month in net profit. Some stores do considerably more!

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Project Passive - Absentee Owner Amazon eCommerce Opportunity
Business Cost, Fees & Facts for 2024

Minimum Cash Required $15,000
Financing Assistance Available
Year Founded 2017
# of Existing Units 100
Franchising Since 2019
Home Office Location Tulsa, OK
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Project Passive - Absentee Owner Amazon eCommerce Opportunity - Business Opportunity

What We Do
Here's a 6-point brief summary of how our process works:

We build Amazon eCommerce Companies from scratch for you and manage the operation in all its aspects:

  1. Locating Profitable Products
  2. Negotiating 20% - 30% Profit Margins w/ Suppliers
  3. Managing the Shipping Schedules for your Product from the Supplier to Amazon
  4. Inspecting, Packaging, and Labeling your Inventory
  5. Marketing Campaigns
  6. Customer Service/Handling Returns

Once your company is profitable using this process, we split the profit 70/30 in your favor

Your ONLY role would be to cover the overhead costs of your business (Shipping, Marketing, & Inventory)

What Makes This Business A Great Investment?

  • Low Startup Cost. This business also has an average of 20% - 30% Net Profit Margins, which make it easier to get a quick Return On Investment.
  • Reduced Risk. This business model is CoVid-19, Recession, and Pandemic Proof. Also, these stores are backed by our limited warranty (learn more when you request more information from our team)
  • Fast Turnaround. Typically, we can get your business up and running within 30-60 days.
  • Fully Managed By Our Team of Experts. This Business Model Gives You The Freedom To Live Life How You Choose, Travel, and Focus On Other Projects If You Desire.
  • Sellable For A Good Multiple. After 1-2 years, you can often sell these businesses for a large multiple and cash-out with a major profit.
  • Financeable. We work with good 3rd party lenders to help you get financing if needed.

Industry Background
According to Helium10, Jungle Scout, Amazon's Q1 2023 Report, and Statista, Third-Party Sellers constituted at least 30% of Amazon's revenue and generated $60B in revenue in Q1 alone and are actually up 17% from Q4 in 2022. Most sellers operate w/ a 25% - 30% net profit margin and with about 1.5 million active third party users on the platform, this is suggestive of $120B profit forecast in Third Party Seller Net Profit at $24,000 / yr as an average which provides a solid argument for having a store managed as a passive vehicle with plenty of upwards growth potential when faced against uninventive competitors in the Amazon marketplace.

How Does It Work?
Our team at Project Passive has crafted the key formula on building, managing, and scaling 6-7 figure eCommerce businesses to create passive income. We utilize Amazon FBA Seller Platform Automation and a proprietary process to build brands around specific products that are in high demand. We manage the entire process and split the profit with our clients. It’s that simple. Your role is to pay for the inventory and fixed expenses, we handle everything else (product sourcing, marketing, store development, optimization, etc.)

When Will I Start Making Profit?
Typically stores are up within 30-60 days and you would start selling and making profit, shortly after launching.

Who Is This Business For?
We are looking for people that want a hands-off or "absentee owner" approach to business and want to diversify their investment portfolio into the eCommerce space via Amazon's platform as a means of creating an additional passive income stream.

What Is An Amazon FBA Store?
An Amazon FBA Store is an eCommerce store built leveraging Amazon’s Seller Central Program. “FBA” stands for Fulfillment by Amazon, which means that Amazon handles all logistics, from packing, shipping, and customer service.

There has never been a better time to have an online eCommerce business in the US. 20% of all retail shopping is was done online in 2021 and has been growing by nearly 3% year by year. More importantly, 51% of that shopping is done on Amazon’s marketplace.

With that considered, Amazon has proven that it ranks the highest in opportunity, product marketability, and traffic generation and is why it’s the smartest platform to practice on today.
Book a call with our team to learn more about how this unique business model is generating 3-10k per month in passive income for our clients today.

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