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Fish Window Cleaning Services
Fish Window Cleaning Services
Fish Window Cleaning Services
Fish Window Cleaning Services

Fish Window Cleaning Services - Franchise

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Fish Window Cleaning provides service to both commercial and residential clients. Fish Window Cleaning has been consistently featured in Entrepreneur's Top 500 since its first year in franchising. Request more info about this low-cost, high-profit franchise opportunity!

Fish Window Cleaning Services:
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Minimum Cash Required$50,000
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Fish Window Cleaning Services – Franchise Information

Financial Success
So what does an Assistant Professor in Business, a Stock Broker on Wall Street, and a Cracker Barrel VP of Marketing have in common? They all found a home at FISH Window Cleaning that allowed them to achieve their dreams. Whether you are looking for financial security, the ability to spend time with your family, or just more time to pursue your hobbies. FISH can help you realize the lifestyle you desire.

FISH Franchise Development
At Fish Window Cleaning Services Inc., we have one goal in mind: to brighten your world through business ownership.  We are the industry leader in low-rise commercial and residential window cleaning.  Our unique business opportunity capitalizes on an under-served niche market.  Next time you get in your car, look at all the windows around you: from storefronts, restaurants, office buildings, schools, houses, and strip malls.  Businesses and homes all have one thing in common, windows that get dirty.  Not only do they need to be cleaned today, but again next week, next month, and next year.  Since 1978, Fish Window Cleaning has made keeping these windows clean their business.

What value do we provide our Fish Window Cleaning franchisees?
Experience: With 30 years of  window cleaning experience, 10 years of franchising, and over 200 units coast to coast; we understand this business.  As the pioneer in the window cleaning industry, we've learned a lot of lessons the hard way.  Over time, we have developed a comprehensive and proven system that is unique.  It works in a variety of different markets, with different owners, while we stay focused on a very specialized and niche market.  Our system is designed with the end customer in mind.  How do we get a specialty service rolled out to hundreds of customers, week after week, customized to their individual needs, while making them feel like they are the only customer in the entire world?  That is the FISH system.

Fish Window Cleaning Franchise Training
Fish Window Cleaning's four phase training program prepares you to work on your business rather than in your business.

  • Phase One: Pre-training
    This four-week process creates a foundation for your training in St. Louis. You will be prepared to hit the ground running the Monday you return from training school. Pre-training activities range from choosing an office to online recruiting "webinars".
  • Phase Two: Training School in St. Louis, MO
    Our intensive two-week program focuses on comprehensive business management and hands on operations. The FISH training program prepares you to manage your employees, your office, and your business.
  • Phase Three: Post Training School
    Over the next 3 to 6 months, we will work with you to apply the FISH system in your market.  Phase three includes on-site training in your territory focusing on employee development, sales growth, and operational efficiency.
  • Phase Four: Ongoing Training
    We continue your training through dedicated district managers, annual meetings, online education, and field visits.  The FISH training program has been developed from decades of experience!  Through our proven system, you will be ready to experience the satisfaction and freedom that comes from owning your own business.

In contrast to the industry average (1 to 25 franchisor staff to franchisee ratio), Fish Window Cleaning is committed to supporting you with our 1 to 6 ratio. We will support you in every aspect of your business from recruiting to sales.  As a potential member of our family, our support begins by taking you through our investigative path to decide if owning a FISH Window Cleaning franchise is right for you.  New FISH Window Cleaning franchisees can expect us to walk them through all the steps involved in opening a successful business.  During training school, a dedicated district manager will assist you in developing a custom business plan.  Their support continues with ongoing business calls and field visits. When you join FISH, you are not in business by yourself.

Don't take our word for it, spend a day with us and you'll see how we are NOT just another FISH in the sea.

Become One of Our Many Satisfied Franchisees Today!

Is Fish Window Cleaning the right business for you? One of our experienced industry expert consultants can help you decide. Please complete and submit the form below to register for our free, no obligation service and a representative will contact you shortly.


"I started driving through the territory and I just saw windows everywhere... everywhere. And I thought, 'Well, this is a can't miss. I don't have to go looking for business."Mark Phillips , Denver, CO - FISH Franchisee Since 2004
"I wanted to be part-time then, but now I'm so part-time, and now these are the years my kids are going to remember... And so I am so grateful for that. I love that I can be home with them all the time because that's really what I wanted."Bridget Gilding , Madison, WI - FISH Franchisee Since 2008
"We have a whole staff of people at the Home Office that work for us. So whether it's HR, or if it's sales, or marketing, internet marketing, or just having a tough day and I need to pick up the phone and call somebody and talk about it, they're always there, and they answer the phone, and have never been acting like they don't want to talk to me. They're very helpful."Ken Jones , Palm Desert, CA - FISH Franchisee Since 2008

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