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Searching for the next great franchise concept? Join the Firewürst Family! Own a unique restaurant that serves high quality sausages, burgers and hot dogs grilled to perfection. Fire up your own grill!

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Business Cost, Fees & Facts for 2022

Minimum Cash Required $100,000
Total Investment $185,000 - $550,000
Franchise Fee $35,000
Year Founded 2012
Training & Support Yes
Home Office Location Cary, NC
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We are currently accepting inquiries in these states:
  • NC
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Firewurst - Franchise

The Firewürst Family
In 1902, Alexander Rotar left Romania to pursue the American dream.  Relying on their expertise in charcuterie*, Alexander and his sons Charles and Alex survived by crafting the finest sausages and hot dogs in America.  Decades later, another trio has reignited the family passion by solving the oft asked question: “Where can I get a good hot dog around here?”  Answer: “Firewürst!”

In 2012, Charles’s grandson Bill Morgenstern and his two sons Chas and Dan set out on a mission in Cary, NC to turn Firewürst into a household name.  For years the Morgensterns imagined a restaurant that grilled up high quality sausages, burgers and hot dogs. Today the Morgensterns are committed to providing opportunities for their dedicated staff, supporting their local communities and ensuring that all patrons of Firewürst are made to feel welcome, wanted and important.

Welcome to the Firewürst family.  Let the flames begin!

*Charcuterie is the French word for the art of making sausages and other cured and smoked meats.  We like saying it because it sounds cool and it makes us look smart.

Fire up your own grill!
Everyone claims to be different. If you’re on the search for the next great franchise concept, you’ve probably heard a lot of brands talk about how unique they are…but what really sets them apart? Does the world need another burrito restaurant? Does it need another burger joint that only sells burgers? We don’t think so, and we’re betting you don’t either.

Firewürst offers more to our guests than virtually any other fast casual restaurant out there. Our standards for quality, service, and cleanliness are unwavering. Our commitment to value, variety, and a bold environment with an engaged staff are what other restaurants can only dream of. But it doesn’t stop there.

By the very fact that you’re reading this, we know you’re getting ready to take ownership of a brand. If you wanted a cookie-cutter playbook to follow, you’d stick to a boring day job. With a Firewürst franchise, you’ll break away from the ho-hum everyday job and enjoy the following:

  • Top-of-the-line support tools and a hands-on support team that truly cares about your success

  • A unique (no, we mean it – really unique) offering in the fast-growing fast casual restaurant segment

  • The opportunity to join on the ground floor of America’s next great restaurant franchise, and the ability to contribute meaningfully on the path of growth

  • A shot at owning multiple locations

We are dedicated to the success of your Firewürst franchise, and we are committed to delivering second-to-none support to make your business a success.  As a Firewürst franchisee, you will have access to personalized levels of service, including operational support, marketing, staff training, and development.

Firewürst provides franchisees with support in the following areas:

Pre-Opening Development – Light the Fire!

  • Help identify franchise lending broker services

  • Access to contractors, architects, equipment suppliers and other preferred vendors who understand Firewürst restaurant development

  • Real Estate selection and analysis

  • Customized site layouts and design

  • Project timeline support and management from Firewürst development team

Training – Always Awesome, Never Average

  • Online access (ongoing) to all customized training materials and support items

  • Comprehensive and thorough training for franchisees and managers (minimum 3 weeks on site and classroom) at Firewürst’s corporate stores. Topics covered include: operations, daily management, position training, local store marketing, and catering sales management.

  • Go-Live training for team members as per Franchise Agreement

Marketing – Fanning the Flame

  • Customizable marketing plans and promotions

  • Professional merchandizing and advertising materials (online access to digital images, templates, and an e-marketplace for easy re-ordering)

  • Field marketing support from franchise consultants who are all well versed in local sales development

  • Customized catering sales and support solutions

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