Estate Sale Specialist - Business Opportunity

Quick Business Summary

The Estate Sale Specialist Business Model allows you to realize the “American Dream” with a minimal investment and a fast learning curve. You sell other people’s estate possessions with NO inventory costs!

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Estate Sale Specialist
Business Cost, Fees & Facts for 2023

Minimum Cash Required $10,000

Available In These States:

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  • TX
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Estate Sale Specialist - Business Opportunity

About Us

Benefit from our experience in the Estate Sale Business.  (Since 2006)  My wife and I have built a small business in the privacy of our own home that allows us to make a comfortable living with minimal overhead and stress.

What is an Estate Sale?

As an Estate Sale Specialist, you sell the entire contents of the client’s home for a percentage of the total sales.  You promote, stage, staff, price and execute a professionally-run estate sale, leaving your client’s home free of contents and clutter!

Start Your Estate Sale Business with:

  • A Minimal Investment
  • NO Inventory Requirements
  • On-Going Education/Mentorship
  • A Flexible Schedule
  • A Home-Based Opportunity

“This is a low-cost, low-overhead, high- demand opportunity!”

Qualities YOU Need to be Successful:

  • Networking:   outgoing, not afraid to meet and mingle with people
  • A Servant’s Heart:  a belief in superior customer service
  • Organized:  punctual, disciplined, detail oriented
  • Determined:  able to persevere, overcome obstacles, focus on results
  • Empathetic:  able to “put yourself in the client’s shoes.”  (Many clients are dealing with the loss of a loved one.  Your job is to sell the entire contents of their home in a considerate and professional way.)


How Can We Teach YOU the Estate Sale Business?

  • Learn How to Start Your Business
  • Learn How to Promote and Advertise
  • Learn How to Stage
  • Learn Who to Hire (Independent Contractors)
  • Learn How to Brand/Name Your Business
  • Learn How to Research and Price
  • Learn How to Negotiate and Offer Your Prospect a Simple Contract
  • Learn How to Market with Creativity
  • Learn How to Become a Great Networker

If you’ve always wanted to run your own small business, this opportunity may be for you.  Capitalize on the BOOMING Senior Services Market!  You may not want to spend $50,000 - $250,000 on a franchise.  This Estate Sale Specialist Business Opportunity gives you the chance to start living the “American Dream” with a low-cost investment.  

If this sounds like YOU, let’s talk about YOUR Goals and Dreams!


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