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Rudy Gay Signs a Multi-Unit Franchise Agreement with PickUp USA Fitness

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LOS ANGELES -PRNewswire/ -- PickUp USA Fitness announced today that NBA veteran, Rudy Gay, will be opening PickUp USA locations in Florida and Maryland.

PickUp USA gyms are full-service fitness clubs with services focused on basketball.  Their clubs offer group and private basketball training, weight and cardio rooms, and the company's main attraction – pickup basketball with referees.  PickUp USA has locations in Arizona, California, Florida, Nevada, North Carolina, and Texas.

Rudy Gay was selected eighth overall in the 2006 NBA draft, and is currently the starting small forward for the San Antonio Spurs.

During recent phone interviews with Gay and representatives of PickUp USA's corporate office, the new partnership between the NBA star and the fast-growing fitness concept was discussed.

Gay said he was attracted to the company because of the infrastructure that comes with owning a PickUp USA franchise, as well as the brand's basketball focus that mirrors his daily routine as an NBA athlete.  "I like the fact that it gives people the chance to do what I do - have organized basketball, and organized training, and weight training.  All things I do on a daily basis."

Gary Mazakian, PickUp USA's National Director of Operations, agrees:  "Our clubs provide a professional basketball experience, even for non-professional basketball players.  Our members can experience a gym like the pros."

Franchise ownership is an increasingly popular investment for NBA players, and Gay plans on being very active within his PickUp USA clubs.  "It's not just something I'm going to invest in, it's something that I still do.  Me and people I know that play basketball will be a part of it, being there, being with the people, and actually training."

PickUp USA gyms serve youth and adult members from beginners to pros.  "That's what makes our clubs special," says Paolo Ontalan, PickUp USA's Franchise Support Specialist.  "We have members that are college and NBA players, but many of our members are just looking to play basketball, train, and get in shape.  There's really something for everyone here."

PickUp USA opened their first gym in Irwindale, CA in 2012, and opened their first franchise location in 2017.  Since then, they have been gaining traction in the $30 billion gym industry that has over 60 million members in the United States.  PickUp USA has found success focusing their services on basketball, a sport that has over 30 million participants nationwide.

In an article highlighting Today's Freshest Business Opportunities, Entrepreneur magazine referenced PickUp USA's basketball specialization: "We've seen franchises focused on cycling, yoga, boxing, and even ballet, but surprisingly, PickUp USA is the first to put basketball center stage."

Jordan Meinster, PickUp USA's President and Founder, discussed the partnership with Rudy Gay:  "In getting to know Rudy over the past year, we are incredibly impressed with him.  His basketball resume speaks for itself, but beyond that, he is a very hard worker, and his vision is completely in-line with what we are looking to accomplish as a brand.  We are honored and excited to partner with him to continue to grow the network of PickUp USA gyms across the country."

Raised in the Baltimore area, Gay described his decision to open a PickUp USA in the city: "It's a chance for me to have something in my name in the city where I was raised."  He also discussed what he thinks it will mean to the Baltimore community.  "Basketball keeps kids engaged.  It's a good way to keep them off the street.  I think that's why it's been important for me."

Meinster, also a Baltimore native, said, "My family goes back several generations in Baltimore.  I know that this city is going to love what PickUp USA offers." 

Gay agreed with Meinster, and simply said, "Honestly, [PickUp USA] is hard not to love."

Gay's other PickUp USA endeavor will be in Southeast Florida, a region estimated to have over 500,000 basketball participants.  Gay, who maintains a residence in the area, says he sees major opportunity in this market.  "I've been around, and I haven't seen a lot of gyms specifically for basketball training.  There's a lot of people willing to play basketball throughout the area that need a place to play."

Gay's long-term vision with PickUp USA is equally as optimistic.  He discussed the possibility of opening more locations in the future.  "Maybe in the same states, maybe in different states, but I think there's a lot more ahead for the PickUp USA and Rudy Gay collaboration."

Gay's PickUp USA locations are projected to start opening in the second half of 2019.

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