Thursday, Aug 02, 2012

Diverse Business Model, Family Approach Drives 25 Years of NPI Success

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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Diverse Business Model, Family Approach Drives 25 Years of NPI Success The first National Property Inspections franchisee, signed back in 1987, may be semi-retired, but he's still party of the NPI family. That's important to President and Founder Roland Bates, who remembers shaking hands over a folding table. "The success of each franchisee is important to the success of NPI," Bates said.  "It's really a symbiotic relationship that requires everyone working hard toward the same goal of excellent professional service. That's just as true for the corporate staff as it is for our franchisees." Today, the NPI family celebrating 25 years in business includes Global Property Inspections in Canada and a group of almost 300 inspectors throughout both countries. NPI has earned its stripes as a staple in the commercial and residential inspection industry, a founding father, but adept at change in both marketing and its broad-based service options for inspectors. Franchisees can pursue up to 20 inspection-related services as part of their business. With a growing number of commercial clients handled through a one-stop corporate shop, NPI has a national impact while understanding that one-on-one, reliable, consistence service is paramount. "People tend to think of inspectors only in residential real estate because of disclosure laws when, in fact, commercial property owners may have a broader, more diverse set of needs for us to partner on." Bill Erickson, vice president, said. Reports are written on electronic tablets instead of the clipboards of 1987, sent digitally across thousands of miles, many times less than 24 hours after the inspection. Internet marketing, email contact lists and PowerPoint presentations replaced date books and rolodexes. Residential inspections remain a staple, but opportunities to meet the varying needs of commercial clients and property managers nationwide continue to expand. "We work with property management firms, banks, commercial property owners and others to provide objective, third-person information on everything from inventory to mechanical systems," he said. "We can provide information in a cost-effective, efficient manner that allows property owners to take action." Despite these changes, the basic values remain the same. "I'd invite any one of the franchisees into my home for dinner," Bates said. "I believe they'd do the same for me. That kind of trust has to be built over time and that's important to any business." Training, marketing materials and seven day-a-week technical support provide new franchisees what they need to build a successful business from day one.  The next 25 years should offer even more opportunities to find franchisees that build the NPI and GPI family of success.

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