Thursday, May 11, 2023

British Swim School Announces Partnership with Swim Angelfish 

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The Nation’s Premier ‘Learn to Swim’ Provider Expands Program with Adaptive Swim Lessons 

Virginia Beach, VA – British Swim School, the nation’s leading “learn to swim” franchise company, is proud to announce a partnership with Swim Angelfish, the global leader in adaptive swim programs.

Thanks to the partnership, British Swim School’s Franchise owners across the country will now have access to the Swim Angelfish Swim Whisperer® Adaptive Aquatics Certification Program to help the company better serve special abilities swimmers and communities, in addition to the British Swim School certification program already in place for Special Abilities.

As British Swim School locations get certified in the SAF program, they will receive the in-depth tools and strategies to overcome the underlying problem that swimmers with special abilities have when learning to swim. Through this partnership, British Swim School franchisees have an opportunity to strengthen the adaptive aquatics programs at their locations through specialized training from highly experienced physical and occupational therapists. The training that Swim Angelfish offers dives deep into 14 roadblocks that swimmers in a special ability program face when they are struggling to progress in classes. Some of the main roadblocks that these swimmers encounter are difficulties in interpreting touch, processing information, seeking sensory input, engagement and interaction, and overconsumption of water. British Swim School is looking forward to using this training to enhance its current program and provide even more swimmers with the ability and opportunity to learn how to save themselves in the water!

“April is Autism Awareness Month, which makes the timing of this announcement extra special,” says Ashley Gundlach, British Swim School President. “When swim instructors complete the Swim Whisperer® certification, these British Swim School locations further their ability to create innovative and adaptive ways to help people with Autism, anxiety, and physical and sensory issues, overcoming the roadblocks they encounter when learning how to swim.”

The enhanced training will build on the program built by British Swim School for children as young as 3- months old that is focused on water acclimation, safety, survival skills, and swim stroke development. According to a study by the National Autism Association, individuals with autism are approximately 160 times more likely to drown than the general population. This statistic highlights the importance of water safety education and measures to prevent drowning in the autism community.

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About British Swim School

British Swim School, the nation’s most established swim school franchise with over 40 years in business believes that every individual, regardless of age or ability, should have the opportunity to become a safe and happy swimmer. Offering lessons for babies, children, and adults, the brand is dedicated to its mantra, “Survival of the Littlest,” focusing first on the survival skills needed to survive a water accident, then moving on to stroke development and more advanced skills. Not only does British Swim School give peace of mind to countless families who seek the essential life skill the brand offers their children, the purpose-driven franchise offers an exceptional opportunity for entrepreneurs who seek a fulfilling business venture with a sound foundation, low investment, and an easily scalable model. Part of the Buzz Franchise Brands family, British Swim School currently operates over 300 pools across the United States and Canada.

About Swim Angelfish

Swim Angelfish creates educational resources for the world’s need for adaptive swim lessons and advocates for the necessity of having specifically trained instructors for this growing population. For 20 years we have provided both free and paid online training materials for all aspects of adaptive aquatics. The Swim Whisperer® methodology stands above the rest by educating instructors not by disability, but by roadblocks, and easily integrates with any existing swim curricula. By recognizing the underlying problem and using our toolbox of strategies and techniques to overcome them, swimmers of all abilities can learn to swim faster and with less discomfort, helping them be safe and independent in the water. Through the knowledge gained from our co-founders working as aquatic therapists plus the continuous feedback received from our 20 locations throughout New England, we can continuously add new and vital content to our program.

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