Vampire Penguin Shaved Snow & Desserts

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Vampire Penguin shaved snow is a unique interpretation of shaved ice. Not to be confused with snow cones, Vampire Penguin shaved snow is light, smooth, and fluffy. Penguin vampy's (our beloved customers) can customize their snow by desiring a flavor, pairing them with their favorite toppings, making endless creations, or they can pick from a genius set of combinations concocted by the aped-avian himself.

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Vampire Penguin Shaved Snow & Desserts
Business Cost, Fees & Facts for 2024

Minimum Cash Required $250,000
Total Investment $250,000
Franchise Fee $35,000
Financing Assistance 3rd Party
Year Founded 2013
# of Existing Units 30
Franchising Since 2015
Training & Support Yes
Home Office Location
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Vampire Penguin Shaved Snow & Desserts

Who is Vampire Penguin?

Vampire Penguin is a penguin who lives in the North Pole. Even though there aren't any other penguins in the North Pole, Vampire Penguin lives there because he is a vampire. Stylishly eerie, the caped avian rules the dark polar skies. But behind his nonchalant eyes, Vampire Penguin truly misses his penguin family and longs to be with them, hence, he conjures shaved snow magic, fluffy, cakey, ice desserts to bring friends and families together, a source of infinite joy, to his infinite void.

The Taking Over the World Plan

We are licensing the trade name and operation know-how of Vampire Penguin to dedicated operators in their non-compete territories. We are not a franchise and the biggest difference is that we don't control or dictate the licensee's marketing or operations or it business operation and ownership. We also allow the licensee to grow and tailor their menu to complement their demographic so long as both parties are involved in this modification. Licensing is ultimately more feasible than franchising because we allow the licensee to control their overall start-up costs, allowing the licensee to source their own contractors, construction costs, etc. Our guarantee is to guide the licensee throughout the process, applying our experience in opening more than 10 retail stores. We will also provide the initial training and guide the licensee in designing and executing their very own store. We believe that the success of the Vampire Penguin brand is dependent on independent, yet united licensees.


  • Location, location, location: Think near schools, tourist spots, and movie theaters
  • 800-1200 square feet and preferably a previous food facility
  • It will be best to employ a commercial real estate agent to assist you in securing a location
  • Licensees have opened their fully equipped stores ranging from $50K-$150K depending on a few factors
  • ROI ranges from 6 months - 2 years Profit margins range from 10%-40% Factors are highly dependent on licensee and location
  • Gross sales range from $250K-$750K per year depending on the strength of location. The average time for a licensee to open is 2 months - 6 months

Vampire Penguin is also open to expanding into food trucks, kiosks, pop-ups, delivery business models, etc. Each start-up cost will be discussed and evaluated per case.

Thank You for Your Interest in this License Opportunity!

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