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Husse - California
Husse - California
Husse - California
Husse - California
Husse - California
Husse - California
Husse - California


Quick Summary

Husse is a proven business concept that is a European leader in home delivery of dog, cat and horse products! Our system strives towards efficiency, low costs, minimal administration and individual responsibility. We operate in over 45 countries with about 750 franchisees/distributors - find out more about this opportunity today!

Husse - California:
 Franchise Cost, Fees & Facts

Minimum Cash Required$20,000
Total Investment$18,000
Franchise Fee$18,000
Financing AssistanceAvailable
Year Founded1987
# of Existing Units750
Franchising Since1998
Training & SupportYes
Military/Veteran PromotionYes
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Available In These States:

We are currently accepting inquiries in these states:
  • CA

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We are NOT currently accepting inquiries in these states:
  • AL
  • AK
  • AZ
  • AR
  • CO
  • CT
  • DE
  • DC
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  • GA
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Husse - California – Franchise Information

Husse a proven business concept!
Husse started in 1987 in Stockholm and has since grown to become the European leader in home delivery of dog, cat and horse products under its own brand.  Today, we operate in over  45 countries with about 750 franchisees/distributors delivering to the door of our customers.  Our system strives towards efficiency, low costs, minimal administration and individual responsibility.  We offer you the possibility to start your local business, with the same benefits as a global company.

We hope this prospect will give you a comprehensive picture of Husse and do not hesitate to contact us.
-Tom Eliasson, CEO Husse

Husse - The Business Concept
Our franchise system has been proven to work throughout the world, from Mexico, to Europe and all the way to Southeast Asia.  The reason for this could be because:

  • Unique service: The combination of free home delivery by trained franchisees.
  • Professional advice: Our franchisees receives ongoing training in nutrition and knowledge about the other benefits of Husse’s products.  This gives us the opportunity to answer our customers questions on spot and give advice.  Our knowledge generates trust.
  • Highest quality: We are always in the forefront when it comes to quality and always investigate various trends in the market.  Our feed is produced in modern factories that have met all US rules and regulations.
  • Competitive prices: Due to our products high nutritional value we can compete not only in quality, but also in price.  We do not have to support the expense of retail bricks and mortar.
  • Swedish brand: Sweden is associated with quality and therefore we emphasize always that we are a Swedish brand, which has been very favorable for us.

Exclusive rights for Husse in your area as a franchisee, you have rights to Husse and our product range for your local area.

Who is the ideal Husse Franchisee?
A typical Husse franchisee usually have some form of sales experience and enjoy interaction with new people.  Since Husse is based in “Person to Person” marketing you need to be comfortable to work in the field.  Meeting the needs of our customers and their pets is our priority.  We will offer ongoing sales and nutrition training as well as always share our experience.

Your Goals!
The actual goal is to build a local customer base who regularly order Husse’s products from you.

How does this work?

  • You work from home and decide for yourself how you spend your time.
  • Deliver premium and super premium products directly to the customer’s door.
  • Generate new customers through local farmers markets, door to door, dog / cat or horse shows, newspapers, flyers, visiting breeders, social media, sponsor events or other activities.
  • Administrate your orders and customers via a customized intranet system.

How do you get started?

  • Invest in the franchise license.
  • Invest in a red car according to our guidelines.
  • Complete the initial training. (2 full days).
  • Most franchisees store their stock in a spare room or climate controlled basement/garage.

How we support you?

  • You will receive a starter kit with clothing, promotional tents, taste samples, catalogs, flyers, business cards, etc.
  • Access to master’s intranet where you can manage your customers and orders.
  • A manual that explains in more detail how the Husse franchise system works.
  • Direct Orders from
  • E-mail account with Husse domain.
  • An introduction program and ongoing training in sales, nutrition, our products, administration etc.
  • National and local advertising.
  • Ongoing support and direct contact from the support office in Irvine, California.

Minimum Investment Required:
The franchise fees start as low as $18,000 for 100,000 inhabitants.

Pets are big business in the United States.  We can help you explore what the right size customer base is for you to be successful.

Reach out to us to find out more!

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  • Be your own boss in the pet industry!

Press Releases & Awards

4/19/2016 - Husse California tested the "coffee idea"!

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Training & Support

Training, and you'll learn all about pet and our food

Additional Investment

Your car. That's all!