Friday, Dec 18, 2020

Local Air Force Veteran Applies Skills to Business

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For five years, Nick Lambie served as a U.S. Airforce Weapons Director. Lambie controlled tanker and fighter aircraft and executed missions – tasks that could be catastrophic if so much as a slight error were to occur.

According to Lambie, this job came with a lot of pressure. He admitted that there were times when he feared that he would crumble beneath it at the expense of a mission or of lives.

“In my position, I had to deliver results, and if I didn’t, bad things could happen – but when I was down, my wingmen picked me up and vice versa,” Lambie said.

In 2019, Lambie became the owner of a Ziebart interior car detailer and protection service in Morgantown, and his dedicated attention to detail learned in the military carried over into his new business.

“When I take care of a customer’s car, I want to be as detailed as I can be,” Lambie said.

Lambie’s military experience didn’t easily translate to a civilian occupation. He considered if he even truly wanted to leave the military before Lambie and his wife started a family and decided to relocate to be near their families.

Ziebart was first introduced to Lambie when he purchased a car in upstate New York. Lambie enjoyed the experience he had at the dealership. After some research, Lambie found that Ziebart was a franchise and that the company offered incentives for Veterans.

“I loved the Ziebart product and I knew I had to take it home to Morgantown,” Lambie said.

Lambie asserted that while launching his own business wasn’t nearly as scary as entering the military, it was just as challenging. With the help of the Ziebart corporate team, Lambie was able to successfully push through finding a site, getting equipment, and the training that he needed to put his entrepreneurial skills to the test.

“My military training and mindset is what has helped me to this point, and it has taught me to always push through the hardships and focus on the end result,” Lambie said.

There are several lessons that Lambie learned in the military that he has been able to apply to his business. Of these lessons, Lambie believes that it is most important to take care of the people around you and pay attention to small details. Lambie depends on others to help him keep his business running, and focusing on details ensures that customers leave satisfied and return.

Lambie stated that the most rewarding part of his entrepreneurial endeavor is connecting with new people and satisfying their needs.

“There is no better feeling than reading a review that the team did an amazing job, and the customer knows their investment into their vehicle was the right choice,” Lambie said.

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