Tuesday, Mar 28, 2017

SUNDEK Wins 2017 National Decorative Concrete Council Award 2nd Place Overlay's - Less than 1/4"

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Sundek of San Antonio

1st Place in Concrete Artistry Over 5000 Ft Sq

Project Name: Mission Concepcion

Project Address: 600 E. Theo Parkway, San Antonio TX 78120

Total Square footage: 7264 square feet

Original request Ms. Stacy Levy, “This part of the park is about 7,000 sq. ft. in the area that would be treated I will be sandblasting the pattern into the concrete pavement, the areas that are not being blasted will bear the color stain or coating.

I want to coat/stain the concrete and then blast the concrete after it has been stained so that the blasting will remove the color and add another color. The result I am trying for is a general background color with blasted away areas in another color.

This color will need to be exterior, hold up under bike and foot traffic on its surface, and need to last for a long time.”

Once we walked Stacy throughout color selections on the sample they provided she was able to make her selection and we got started right away. We applied our Sundek Acid Stain to the surface without a clear seal so the Sand blaster could follow with his template for the design. The original project scope was to be about 3 to 6 weeks; we would come back once things were wrapped up blasting, re wash and apply our two coats of clear seal and grit.  

It was not until 10 months later did we receive the final call that the area was ready for us to complete. We now had to trouble shoot issues due to the length of time the surface was unprotected, a residue that was left from the templates used for blasting, and all of a sudden a tight deadline to wrap it up.  

After a detailed washing of the surface with additional cleaners, an added 2 days of prep, and more crews than originally projected we were able to complete the entire project for the opening ceremony. A beautiful transformation in the end of the project.

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