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Textured Surfaces a Must for Elegant Restaurant Settings

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July 12, 2015, Concrete ideas - As the owner of an elegant restaurant, you need to make sure that the decor matches the atmosphere and high-quality environment that you aim to create. While a great deal of this will depend on the paint you select, place settings, tablecloths, lighting, and other similar things, the floors will also play a key role. To truly make your restaurant seem elegant, textured concrete surfaces are a must. They add to the overall appearance of the space and are a great addition to both the floors and the sides of bars and counters.
Transport Diners to Another Region
The biggest reason to consider adding textured concrete surfaces to an elegant restaurant is the ability of these surfaces to transport diners to the region your restaurant is inspired by. An Italian restaurant, for example, will want to consider adding texture via Sundek’s Tuscan flooring system, which is inspired by traditional Italian spaces. SunStamp can be customized with your stamp and stains of choice to serve a similar function for any other restaurant. This allows you to mimic the typical stonework found on floors in far-off countries or simply create a surface that looks like expensive natural stone. In either case, the textured surface will add to the elegance of the space.
Durability, Simple Maintenance, and Safety
The benefits of textured concrete surfaces in restaurants go further than simply adding to the theme or decor. These surfaces are also extremely durable, so you will not have to worry about the occasional dropped utensil or plate damaging them. The easy maintenance of the surface will reduce the clean-up time at the end of each day so your staff can get home earlier. Most importantly, textured surfaces are more slip resistant than non-textured ones, reducing the risk of customers or waiters slipping and injuring themselves. This can be especially important when the floors are wet due to recent cleaning or a spilled beverage.

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