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Minuteman Press Printing Franchise in Bristol, England Celebrates 12 Years in Business

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With a passion for helping other businesses and making a positive impact on the community, Peter Wise has made his Minuteman Press printing franchise an indispensable part of Bristol's charitable and sustainable business culture.

BRISTOL, England, United Kingdom – For twelve years and counting, Peter Wise and his dedicated team at the Minuteman Press printing franchise located at 15 - 19 Nelson Parade in Bristol have lived by three core values: Get involved, give back to the community, and make Bristol a better place to live and do business. As a result of their efforts, Minuteman Press in Bristol has won several awards including Fairtrade Office of the Year for two years in a row in 2016 and 2017, Travelwest Business Awards (Best Newcomer in 2015 and Big Commuting Challenge Winners in 2016 and 2017), and many more.

Peter explains, “A big part of our role as team members at Minuteman Press Bristol is community involvement; not for the sake of it, but because we enjoy it, find it rewarding and like being a meaningful part of Bristol. We make a real difference to the quality of life in Bristol”.

It is no wonder, then, that Minuteman Press has made a positive impact in many ways in Bristol. Peter says, “We work with a vast array of organisations; charities such as Bristol City of Sanctuary, Oxfam and One25; non-profits such as Forest of Avon, Bristol Shakespeare Festival and Bristol Cathedral; and development organisations such as Bedminster Business Improvement District, Bristol Cycling Campaign and Community Planning Groups”.

All of Peter's contributions to Bristol's charitable and sustainable business culture over the previous twelve years are in addition to the essential products and services his Minuteman Press franchise provides to clients. He states, “Minuteman Press Bristol provides in-house graphic design, print production (litho, inkjet and digital) and bindery services or any part thereof. We offer value at all stages: design from scratch; completion of design; print from print ready files; bindery and finishing services; and more”.

Peter continues, "The Minuteman Press Bristol product range is extensive and bespoke; books to magazines, letterheads to forms, business cards to banner stands, invitations to orders of service. No project is the same. We're always pleased to offer advice without obligation, no matter what stage the client is at, in creating the specification and brief".

Rewards of Owning a Business

For Peter Wise, there are many rewards to owning a business including the ability to learn and grow without feeling stifled or mired in a monotonous corporate environment. Peter says, "Running your own business is a breath of fresh air. Working for large organisations can be bureaucratic where people are left manifesting in diluted and slow decision making processes. Resources are wasted and a corporate holistic vision is myopic".

By contrast, Peter explains, "In a small business you are involved and are an expert in every aspect of the organisation. Decision making is yours, not always good when the wrong call is made, but it is always a learning experience. Listening to clients and providing rapid response makes a real difference. Fast thinking and a willingness to learn are critical attributes for success”. He adds, "Creating a corporate culture which is constructive, where colleagues support each other, collaborate and are always focused on achieving the best solution for the client's brief, is also important".

In the printing industry, Peter says it is important to invest in "what is essential" and to have prudent expenditures. He also states, "Producing quality products at a fair price, delivered on time; that's the key".

Why Own a Minuteman Press Franchise?

Peter Wise joined the Minuteman Press franchise family in 2006. Prior to franchising with Minuteman Press, Peter was a published author and had also managed communication departments for several blue-chip organisations. Peter explains why Minuteman Press was the right fit for him as an aspiring business owner, saying, "I was in the process of researching business models for a journal paper when I encountered Minuteman Press. The prospect of graphic design and print production under one roof, working in harmony, is a client's dream. By providing and controlling both design and production, I am able to help clients streamline their projects. What we are able to do helps them avoid triangulation where they are caught in the middle between suppliers and producers".

Peter further highlights the benefits of owning a Minuteman Press franchise: "The business model provides autonomy for innovation and the capability to add value. Geographic and temporal markets are not all the same and Minuteman Press International understands that. We also do not deal with distributors. Instead, we negotiate at main board level with suppliers and this permits us to benefit from economies of scale, passing on those savings to our clients via competitive prices".

Lastly, Peter says, "I had always wanted to work in the heart of Bristol and avoid the environmental impact of commuting. This has been achieved for twelve years and counting”!

Ongoing Local Support

One of the most highly regarded aspects of the Minuteman Press franchise program is the ongoing franchise support that is provided to owners on both the corporate and local levels. In the United Kingdom, Minuteman Press International has three regional offices that are staffed with experienced printing professionals. Peter Wise appreciates the ongoing support provided to him by UK South Area Manager Mark Jones and the rest of the team at Minuteman Press International.

"It is always useful to bounce ideas and receive informed unbiased advice; information provided is always current and of high quality; Minuteman Press has a ready-made information network which complements other information sources," Peter says. "Support is also useful in supplier sourcing. Information concerning prospective suppliers and the prospect of benefiting from economies of scale through being part of a formalised network adds value".

Being a Business Owner in Bristol

For Minuteman Press in Bristol, there is no such thing as a "typical day" because of the versatility and diversity that the printing industry allows. Peter states, "Every day is different. Minuteman Press Bristol works on diverse projects for diverse clients. At any one moment we have approximately 250 live projects. Much of our work is B2B, but B2C also features. Typical activities include creating agreed design specifications, graphic design, litho, digital and inkjet printing, bindery, perfect binding and pro bono work".

Because Minuteman Press is a full-service marketing services provider, Peter and his team are engaged with his clients on that front as well. He says, "We are frequently called upon to provide marketing consultancy for organisations, start-ups, specific projects and where a revision of approach to realise aims is required. Every day is a busy day. Working with so many different clients engaged in different sectors is fascinating. For many we're described as the marketing department, a function we're proud to fulfill. Strong relationships with sentiment form and become solid; with many of our clients we've worked together for years and know each other's organisations intimately".

Those close relationships with clients and dedication to the community have helped Minuteman Press in Bristol become a highly regarded, award-winning business. On those awards, Peter reflects, "Becoming Fairtrade Office of the Year consecutively in 2016 and 2017 was fantastic. We live and breathe Fairtrade, all of the staff is committed and we actively participate; it's a really lovely reward. The reward is judged by an independent panel and hotly contested"!

He continues, "The Travelwest Business Awards are also very special; in particular, we won Best Newcomer in 2015. All our Bristol journeys are by bicycle; meetings, deliveries, commuting, etc. All businesses should be acting to control pollution and be responsible in every aspect of their business. Global warming is a reality and the next generation deserves action".

Business Goals and Advice for Others

What is next for Minuteman Press in Bristol, England? Peter answers, "Over the years our reputation has become established in Bristol for all things design and print; we're keen for this to continue. We'll achieve this by maintaining high quality at fair prices. Our practice is to work with our clients at every step to ensure the result is as envisaged".

Peter continues, "We want to have prudent growth in equipment and personnel; by investing in what adds value for our customers we know we will achieve efficient growth. We will also monitor demand via online channels, social media and customer feedback to expand our product offerings. We appreciate working with organisations that have experienced consistent good service and become reciprocal ambassadors for us. Of course, we will also continue to be engaged in and associated with activities we believe in, are passionate about and enjoy such as Fairtrade, sustainable transport, ethics in business, Bristol City Women's football and others".

With twelve years as a Minuteman Press franchise owner under his belt and plenty of valuable business and life experience to draw from, Peter Wise has many valuable insights to share with other aspiring entrepreneurs. He says, "Don't be afraid of making the wrong decision; often you will make the right decision, but a wrong decision can afford learning necessary to get to the right decision. Just don't make too many wrong decisions"!

He adds, "Be ethical in everything you do. Be yourself and be connected. Make mistakes, analyse and learn from mistakes, never repeat them. Do some marketing every day, no matter what form it is in, or how busy you may be; it all adds to the collective objectives and aims".

Last but not least, Peter concludes, "Create a business culture where all personnel are focused on the client and the finished product; a culture which is pleasurable to work in".

Peter Wise's Minuteman Press franchise is located at 15 - 19 Nelson Parade, Bristol BS3 4HY. For more information, call Peter and his team at 0117 966 5566.

About Minuteman Press International

Minuteman Press International is the number one rated business marketing and printing franchise that offers world class training and unparalleled ongoing local support. Started in 1973 by Roy Titus and his son Bob, Minuteman Press began franchising in 1975 and has grown to nearly 1,000 business service franchise locations worldwide including the U.S., Australia, Canada, South Africa, and the United Kingdom. Minuteman Press is ranked #1 in category by Entrepreneur 26 times and 15 years in a row, including 2018. Franchise Business Review has awarded Minuteman Press International as a Top Franchise in 2018 and a Top B2B Franchise in 2017 thanks to positive reviews from our owners.

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