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Rebuilt and Reopened: Minuteman Press Franchise Owners Gerry and Maggie McQuillan Celebrate Two Years in Business

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For Gerry and Maggie McQuillan, celebrating two years in business has taken on special meaning; they have rebuilt their Minuteman Press franchise in London North after a devastating total loss fire this past June. With encouragement from the community and ongoing support from Minuteman Press International, Gerry and Maggie are back up and running and doing what they love to do: Provide helpful products and services to their customers.
LONDON, Ontario, Canada -- The Minuteman Press franchise in London North, Ontario, Canada is celebrating two years in business. This could not be a prouder moment for business owners Gerry and Maggie McQuillan, as this milestone comes off the heels of a devastating total loss fire that they endured this past June. "We are excited to get back to normal," says Gerry. He adds, "We just reopened in September and to celebrate our two-year anniversary with our customers is a real blessing that helps us continue to turn the page."
Life Before Franchising
Gerry McQuillan spent 27 years in the automotive manufacturing field, where he worked his way up to Operations Manager. During that time, Gerry and Maggie moved around while raising a small family. When there was major downsizing in the auto industry in the late 2000s, Gerry switched careers and landed a job as a VP of Operations for a small agricultural company. "This first transition gave me confidence that I could continue my career in a new direction," says Gerry. It planted the seeds for what would come later.
Discovering Minuteman Press
After Gerry and Maggie successfully raised their two children, they started looking at franchise opportunities possibility for Maggie as she reentered the workforce. Gerry explains, "As my career continued to transition, franchising was something that we decided to look at more openly for the two of us.  We found Minuteman Press International at one of the franchise shows we attended and liked that is was a business to business style opportunity. We also liked that Maggie and I could both learn and participate in the franchise, and that the business operated primarily during traditional Monday through Friday business hours."
"Something more tangible for my family"
When asked to compare his experiences as a Minuteman Press franchise owner to his previous work experiences, Gerry is quick to answer, "We started a new Minuteman Press franchise. There is satisfaction that my work ethic is building something more tangible for my family versus the years spent in the factories.  With Maggie and I as partners in this business, we have the chance to collaborate and treat our customers with a special touch that we know is something that sets us apart."
Gerry also appreciates the ongoing local support that Minuteman Press International makes available to owners like he and Maggie, as well as the mass purchasing power that the franchise has with suppliers. He says, "Being in the franchise allows us to call any well-known brand supplier, say we are with Minuteman Press, and we are instantly a wholesale distributor for that brand.  Also, as customers ask us to fulfill new requests for expanded goods and services, our local field representative is a quick call away with positive direction."

Reopening the Business and Celebrating Two Years
Earlier this year in June, a devastating fire at 1700 Hyde Park Road consumed the entire plaza including Minuteman Press. Luckily, no one was injured during the fire, but the devastation still took its toll on business owners like Gerry and Maggie.
In September, Minuteman Press reopened at their new location at 1615 North Routledge Park, Unit 14. "The fact that we are back up and running and that we are able to celebrate two years in business with our clients, it means everything," says Gerry. He adds,
"It's a testament to our community as well as our franchisor Minuteman Press International that we are able to be back up and running and ready to serve our customers once again."
"We couldn't be more thrilled to congratulate Gerry and Maggie McQuillan on celebrating two years in business as part of the Minuteman Press franchise family," says Kevin Wittal, Minuteman Press International Regional Vice President for Eastern Canada. "With everything they have overcome, it is especially rewarding to see them back in business at their new London North location so they can commemorate their two-year anniversary with their clients."
Back to Normal
Gerry and Maggie McQuillan both relish the idea of "getting back to normal." A typical day for them now that they are back in business includes the typical necessities such as opening their doors and making the coffee. Gerry states, "From there, we review the design and print requirements for the day, follow up on emails and phone calls, and do our marketing."
When they do have time off, Gerry and Maggie enjoy being poolside with family and friends in the summer, and love snowmobiling in Ontario during the winter months. Another thing they really enjoy is giving back to the community. Gerry says, "We have sponsored some local area initiatives by providing printed materials for the local neighborhood yard sales and supported a group that provides socks to people who are experiencing a time of need."
Business Goals and Advice for Others
With 2017 on the horizon, Gerry and Maggie McQuillan are looking to finish 2016 on a solid note and continue laying the groundwork for growth in the future. Gerry says, "As we have just celebrated our second anniversary, continued learning and steady business growth top our list of goals."
What is Gerry McQuillan's final piece of advice for aspiring business owners? "It is actually a quote from Thomas Edison I remember seeing in a notepad of inspirational quotes: 'Opportunity is missed by most people because it is dressed in overalls and looks like work.' In other words, the opportunities are there but you are the one that has to know what to look for, then roll up your sleeves and do the work."
Gerry and Maggie McQuillan's Minuteman Press franchise is located at 1615 North Routledge Park; Unit 14; London, ON N6H 5L6. For more information, call Gerry, Maggie and their team at (519) 473-8585 or visit their website:

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